What role does artificial intelligence play in fighting forest fires?

Morocco, Spain and France are currently experiencing a very significant heat wave which surprises meteorologists because it arrives early. With climate change, this phenomenon is likely to recur every year, and perhaps even earlier in the season. If this year, it raises many concerns, it is because the spring was particularly dry, the vegetation suffers … Read more

AI: Microsoft unveils its recipe for fighting ransomware

AI Microsoft unveils its recipe for fighting ransomware

Ransomware is one of the most prolific and vicious digital threats on the web today. Ransomware families – Locky, WannaCry, NotPetya, Cerber and others – keep getting talked about. These ransomware lock the infected systems and then demand payment in exchange for the decryption key which will give access – or not – to the … Read more

Fighting Wildfires: How NVIDIA and Lockheed Martin Work Together Against Wildfires

As part of its Silicon Valley-based lab, NVIDIA has initiated work to simulate and fight fires with NVIDIA DGX and Omniverse systems. This research aims to better understand forest fires and stop their spread. They mobilize NVIDIA and Lockheed Martin as well as the Forest Services of the United States Department of Agriculture and the … Read more

“Web3 is simply fighting against the monopoly of the big platforms that have control over Web2”: Mansaa Network, winner of the NFT Film Festival competition in Cannes – BeinCrypto

Web3 is simply fighting against the monopoly of the big

On May 20, the NFT Film Festival took place during the Cannes Film Festival. It was the first festival around film and blockchain. On this occasion, a competition was set up by the organizers of WAGAS Group, in order to reward the most innovative projects in the blockchain sector. 6 startups were in the running … Read more

Fire Fighting Rescue Tools Market to Rise at a Steady Rate in terms of Revenue in 2028 – Gabonflash

The research report on Global Fire Fighting Rescue Tools Market 2022 is an invaluable source of relevant information for business strategists. This Fire Fighting Rescue Tools Market analysis contains detailed information which will help you to better understand, scope and application of this report. The report will cover the current quality of the industry and … Read more