Inspired by fireflies, researchers are creating insect-scale robots that can emit light as they fly, enabling movement tracking and communication

The fireflies that light up dark backyards on warm summer evenings use their luminescence to communicate – to attract a mate, ward off predators or attract prey. These twinkling insects also sparked inspiration from MIT scientists. Inspired by nature, they built light-emitting flexible artificial muscles for insect-scale flying robots. The tiny artificial muscles that control … Read more

This AI allows drones to fly in extreme conditions

An algorithm to detect an earthquake as quickly as possible

You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] Deep learning and machine learning: what’s the difference? Deep learning and machine learning both use artificial intelligence. The drone don’t like the rain too much, nor the strong gusts. They can get away with it in certain conditions by being tropicalized and flying at low speed, but at … Read more

Drones fly to the rescue of animals

Technology at the service of our 30 million friends! Around the world, drones are regularly deployed to help animals: in the long term in the context of observations, or in an emergency, through rescue operations. Overview ! Fight against poaching, sublimation of biodiversity, rescue operations… So many examples proving the usefulness of the alliance between … Read more