What role does artificial intelligence play in fighting forest fires?

Morocco, Spain and France are currently experiencing a very significant heat wave which surprises meteorologists because it arrives early. With climate change, this phenomenon is likely to recur every year, and perhaps even earlier in the season. If this year, it raises many concerns, it is because the spring was particularly dry, the vegetation suffers … Read more

Tethered balloon, autonomous beacons: firefighters unveil their new equipment for the forest fire season

Marine firefighters and the city of Marseille have worked with local companies to create innovative equipment, which should make it possible to intervene more quickly on fires, but above all to prevent forest fires. Captive balloon, autonomous beacons, new fire hoses… The Marseille firefighters presented this Wednesday the new equipment which must be used for … Read more

Fires: in Lesbos, residents are worried about the proximity between the forest and the new migrant camp

The new Plati migrant camp (also called Vastria) continues to crystallize tensions in Lesbos. The inhabitants of the island refuse the construction of this new site supposed to welcome thousands of migrants. They fear that the new reception structure will be built too close to a pine forest, and fear the risk of fire. In … Read more

Morocco invests in artificial intelligence, drones and canadairs to fight forest fires

Prevention, surveillance and rapid intervention are major assets in the fight against forest fires. The Moroccan National Water and Forests Agency (ANEF), to protect the 9 million hectares of forest on its territory, has set up an action program for the prevention and fight against fires which it presented on May 24th. It has allocated … Read more

In Morocco, artificial intelligence, drones and Canadair against forest fires

In Morocco artificial intelligence drones and Canadair against forest

From January to May 2022, 75 fire starts have been identified in Morocco, against an average of fifteen over the last ten years in the same space of time. In question, the recorded spring rainfall which favored the production of the combustible and easily flammable biomass. The action program drawn up accordingly by the National … Read more