Layoffs at Google: GAFA continue to reduce their workforce and it’s far from over – Forbes France

Layoffs at Google GAFA continue to reduce their workforce and

Layoffs at Google could reach 6%, or 10,000 employees, in early 2023, according to a report by technology news site The Information. a letter from an activist investor. If Google commits to downsizing, it will follow Big Tech peers like Meta and Amazon which have already downsized this year. As the global financial situation weighs … Read more

Quack for Galactica, Meta’s AI trained to read scientific articles – CNET France

Quack for Galactica Metas AI trained to read scientific articles

In the first year of the pandemic, more than 100,000 scientific articles were published about Covid-19. An unprecedented effort that produced an unprecedented amount of information. It would have been impossible for a human being to read and understand each of these studies. In theory, Galactica would be able to. It is artificial intelligence developed … Read more

Cybersecurity, or how to fight effectively thanks to artificial intelligence – Forbes France

Cybersecurity or how to fight effectively thanks to artificial intelligence

Faced with the multiplication of attacks carried out by hackers targeting their information systems from the Internet, companies are trying to cope as best they can by acquiring new technological means to protect themselves against this scourge. AI and machine learning applications can offer an answer by detecting malicious agents infiltrating organizations’ IT systems. The … Read more

France: an environment conducive to the adoption of cloud computing

France an environment conducive to the adoption of cloud computing

France, like the rest of the European Union, has played a key role in the adoption of cloud-based systems. France’s cloud policy, the guardian of individual rights and freedoms in the era of the digital economy, has helped build trust in providers and influenced its adoption on a wider and more diverse scale – an … Read more

European Chips Act : quelle est la valeur d’un plan stratégique sans viabilité économique ? – Forbes France

European Chips Act quelle est la valeur dun plan strategique

Les micro-processeurs sont un composant stratégique et les pénuries actuelles ont ralenti ou stoppé les productions d’un grand nombre d’entreprises. Ce constat a conduit les États-Unis, la Chine et l’Union européenne à adopter des politiques industrielles visant à sécuriser leurs approvisionnements. Notamment, l’ « European Chips Act » se propose d’assurer la souveraineté technologique des pays de … Read more

AI: the best way to optimize digital services – Forbes France

AI the best way to optimize digital services Forbes

A well-conducted integration of AI (Artificial Intelligence) can make the difference between action and inaction. The consecutive crises have generated legitimate concern about the future. Despite the waves of Covid, the war in Ukraine, the increase in episodes of climatic chaos associated with political and financial uncertainties, we continued to get up every morning to … Read more

Louise Bousquet (co-founder Leia Capital): “We are helping to diversify the investor landscape, and to embody a form of model necessary for the young generation. Women entrepreneurs come to us for this, as much for the expertise as for the ‘human support’ – Forbes France

Airbus believed in us and that is a game changer

Founded in December 2021, Leia Capital is a group of 100% female business angels that invests in ambitious projects led by women entrepreneurs. What projects have they decided to support and why? Meeting with Clémence Lejeune and Louise Bousquet, two of the fund’s 14 business angels. How was the Leia Capital adventure born? Louise Bousquet: … Read more

Lightroom’s AI identifies people, faces and eyes to make image editing easier – CNET France

Lightrooms AI identifies people faces and eyes to make image

Adobe’s Lightroom software uses new artificial intelligence technology to select objects, people, clothing and facial features to make photo editing faster and more efficient. This technology takes some of the drudgery out of photo editing, by selecting parts of an image pixel by pixel. This new technology is available in Lightroom, Lightroom Classic and the … Read more

Prévention, sanctions… Comment la lutte contre les dérives des influenceurs s’organise en France

Artificial intelligence from alpha to omega

Face aux arnaques dont certains influenceurs font la promotion, plusieurs acteurs se mobilisent en France depuis quelques années. Tour d’horizon non exhaustif. Il y a 3 ans, Audrey Chippaux n’avait jamais publié de photo sur Instragram, encore moins liké ou commenté les publications d’autres personnes. Elle a découvert ce réseau social lors d’une pause professionnelle. … Read more

20 Conseils Pour Réussir Sa Carrière Dans L’intelligence Artificielle – Tech Tribune France

20 Conseils Pour Reussir Sa Carriere Dans Lintelligence Artificielle

À l’heure actuelle, l’intelligence artificielle (IA) a renforcé sa position dans l’industrie. L’objectif ou le but de cette technologie innovante est de transformer les ressources humaines en puissance de la machine. L’IA développe une machine sans fil, une machine automatique ou une machine robotique qui peut penser, agir ou percevoir comme un être humain. Au … Read more