Snapdragon Summit 2022, Qualcomm prepares the future of the smartphone

Snapdragon Summit 2022 Qualcomm prepares the future of the smartphone

It was at Snapdragon Summit 2022 that Qualcomm just launched its new high-end SoC, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. Qualcomm’s annual event takes place earlier this year. Usually, it is necessary to wait until the beginning of December to have the novelties that the founder of San Diego prepares for the following year. This year, … Read more

Dubai’s strategy for building a robotic future

Dubais strategy for building a robotic future

At a time when the robotics revolution is seen as a source of increased productivity and economic growth, Dubai has launched a robotics and automation program led by the Dubai Future Foundation to develop its economy of tomorrow. This initiative aims to increase the contribution of this sector to 9% of GDP in the next … Read more

The CIO, the future conductor of a unified digital strategy (Gartner)

At its Barcelona IT Symposium, Gartner unveiled the results of a survey of 2,203 CIOs from 81 countries. As every year, it is a question of analyzing their priorities and their investments in 2023. In total, the firm predicts that these CIOs will spend $322 billion on IT in 2023. The 780 CIOs from … Read more

Franck Louis-Victor, the Frenchman who is preparing the future of Ford – Frenchly Morning US

Shutterstock teams up with Dalle E to sell AI generated images

In love with the United States, Franck Louis-Victor crossed the Atlantic last year to join the Ford group in Detroit, the city where the headquarters of the famous American car brand is located. “I’ve always loved the United States, but I’ve never lived there, explains the 49-year-old Frenchman. Arriving in Detroit, I discovered Michigan. It … Read more

The “Laboratory of the Future” at the heart of the Scientific and Professional Day of the SECF and INSA Rouen Normandie

Meta launches BlenderBot 3 its most advanced chatbot to date

The Society of Expert Chemists of France (SECF), INSA Rouen Normandie and its CFI department are organizing a Scientific and Professional Day (JSP) on Thursday 10 number around the theme of the “Laboratory of the Future”. On this occasion, many renowned speakers will propose during their speech to understand the concepts of artificial intelligence (and … Read more

US Army struggles to find the recruits it needs to win the fight of the future – Reuters

In Canada the government is betting on 5G without debate

The US military is spending more than ever on technology to replace aging military infrastructure, from artificial intelligence to new combat machines moving 1980s tanks off the battlefield. But the US Army secretary says the nation risks falling behind in the race against China if it cannot recruit enough Americans into the service to be … Read more

US clarifies stance on future EU AI rules, non-paper says

US clarifies stance on future EU AI rules non paper says

The United States is pushing for a narrower definition of artificial intelligence (AI), a broader waiver for general-purpose AI, and individualized risk assessment in the AI ​​regulations (AI Act), according to a document obtained by EURACTIV. The non-paper is dated October 2022 and was sent to specific government officials in selected EU capitals and to … Read more

CNES: A “construction lease” for the future operational center of the Space Command has been signed – Zone Militaire

CNES A construction lease for the future operational center of

When it was created, in September 2019, the Space Command [CDE] had moved temporarily to the premises of the National Center for Space Studies [CNES]in Toulouse, for lack of being able to have its own facilities to accommodate its 220 soldiers. It was then a question of building, in the middle of the French space … Read more

New technologies, artificial intelligence, metaverse: what are the current and future tech trends?

New technologies artificial intelligence metaverse what are the current and

You are probably wondering what technologies will shape our future. In what world will we live later and what will be the innovations that will be part of our daily lives? In the same way, what place will new technologies have in companies? In other words, what are the technological trends that will shape our … Read more

China-United States confrontation: “Mastering the technologies of the future will make the power of tomorrow”

China United States confrontation Mastering the technologies of the future will

IWe have ten years left to prevent China from becoming the number one technology of the future, says Joe Biden. Xi Jinping replies in substance: you are wrong, in this area as elsewhere, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is capable of performing miracles. The front line goes through the microprocessors. System versus system: who will … Read more