Getty Images bans images generated by artificial intelligence systems

Getty Images bans images generated by artificial intelligence systems

Many copyright issues arise with AI-generated images. The Getty Images image bank has therefore decided to prohibit the loading and sale of images generated by tools such as DALL-E, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion or Make-A-Scene. With these tools, it suffices to describe the desired image for the software to generate the content. It is one of … Read more

Craignant des problmes de droits d’auteur, Getty Images interdit les uvres d’art gnres par l’IA. Certains artistes dont le travail a t spoli ont appel l’tablissement de nouvelles lois

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Getty Images a interdit aux gens de tlcharger (upload) des images gnres par l’IA dans sa vaste collection d’images, invoquant des proccupations concernant les droits d’auteur. Les outils de conversion de texte en image, tels que DALL-E, Midjourney, Craiyon et Stable Diffusion, ont ouvert les vannes pour les uvres d’art faites par un algorithme. N’importe … Read more

Is it really art? Getty Images bans AI-generated works

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Getty Images, one of the largest online image banks in the world, will ban images generated by artificial intelligence. The site indeed fears copyright violations. Getty Images director Craig Peters communicated the ban to tech site The Verge. Getty Images is a vast repository of press photos, archival images and digital artwork used by media … Read more