2022 Strategic Foresight Report: ensuring the coupling of green and digital transitions in the new geopolitical context

2022 Strategic Foresight Report ensuring the coupling of green and

The Commission today adopted the 2022 strategic foresight report entitled “Ensuring the coupling of green and digital transitions in the new geopolitical context”. As we prepare to accelerate both transitions, the report identifies ten key areas for action with the aim of maximizing synergies and coherence between our climate ambitions and our digital ambitions. In … Read more

VivaTech: La Poste is committed to green and citizen digital

Since its launch in 2016, the VivaTech show has had the La Poste group as its founding partner. The public company finds in this event the opportunity to demonstrate its ambition to democratize innovations to the general public. This year is no exception to the rule, and the opportunity is perfect to present its many … Read more

Automation and Industry run on green energies – Le Journal des Entreprises – Auvergne Rhône-Alpes

In 2021, Automatics and Industry recorded a 30% increase in turnover, i.e. 12 million euros with a net profit of 1 million euros. And it’s not over since this SME from Isère intends to double it by 2026 and recruit 65 new employees. His job ? Obtain better energy efficiency, from production to its management … Read more

Grenoble is taking a giant step to boost green energy!

Not far from its heart, the city has seen the development of a company that has not finished talking about it. AUTOMATIQUE & INDUSTRIE (AI), an SME of 115 people today, performs in the energy sector. It specializes in industrial engineering and automation software, real pluses for strengthen the sector in the region. In 2021, … Read more

Green, connected and multimodal… Robot portrait of the mobility of tomorrow

After two years of health crisis – between confinements, restrictions, forced telework and return to the office -, the conclusion is there: the health crisis has transformed the habits of many French people, some of them profoundly. Among them, the way we move on a daily basis, to go to work or for our leisure. … Read more

Expos, sorties, spectacles : les immanquables pour un week-end « green »

Expos sorties spectacles les immanquables pour un week end green

Ces prochaines semaines, les sorties en intérieur et en plein air vont rimer avec écologie, entre observation de la faune et la flore, expositions fascinantes sur la nature, activités autour de la sensibilisation à l’environnement ou encore ode aux fleurs et aux jardins. De la technologie à la biologie Centre des Arts, Enghien-les-Bains A quoi … Read more

Montreal Summit on Innovation | Not very green, techno

Property tax Data centers are mobilizing

Constantly rising energy consumption, hidden mining pollution, encouragement of waste: no, digital is far from being the magic solution to environmental challenges. This is the unanimous conclusion of the experts who took part in the Montreal Innovation Summit on Thursday, devoted this year to what one of them described as a “blind spot” in public … Read more

Green economy | Savoura explores new technologies

Property tax Data centers are mobilizing

The agri-food sector is challenged by the development of tools and practices favoring the protection of the environment. As part of a large investment project, the Savoura Group, well known for the cultivation and marketing of tomatoes, will test an intelligent lighting system. Posted at 9:00 a.m. John Gagnon special cooperation An investment of 55 … Read more

Ethics, industrialization and security, green AI…The 2022 trends in artificial intelligence

Ethics industrialization and security green AI…The 2022 trends in artificial

Faced with the acceleration of climate change and the awareness of the contribution of artificial intelligence to carbon emissions, two concepts stand out: Green AI and AI for green. The first promotes an artificial intelligence that consumes less energy and resources, and which aims to reduce its own carbon impact. To do this, creators can … Read more

Huawei’s CloudFabric 3.0 Hyperconverged DCN Solution Navigates Green Computing Era with Better Networks

Huaweis CloudFabric 30 Hyperconverged DCN Solution Navigates Green Computing Era

SHENZHENChina, April 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — At Huawei Global Analyst Summit (HAS) 2022, Huawei proposed the “green and low-carbon” concept for its Huawei CloudFabric 3.0 Hyper-Converged Data Center Network (DCN) solution, aiming to Use lossless networks to improve computing efficiency and reduce IT footprint. By doing so, Huawei hopes to embrace the era of green … Read more