EHDS and reuse of health data: concrete use cases being tested

Alice ROBERT & Alexandre FIEVEE, Derriennic , MONDAY NOVEMBER 28, 2022 Last month, five use cases were selected by the European Commission for the test version of the European Health Data Area (“EHDS”) for “secondary use” of health data. These “pilot” cases make it possible to assess more concretely the ins and outs of the … Read more

Technology at the Service of Health: Revolution in the Medical Field | The Tech Review

Technology at the Service of Health Revolution in the Medical

The medical field is undergoing a rapid transformation thanks to new innovative technologies in the Health Service such as mobile applications, telemedicine, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and robotics, remote monitoring Use of new innovative technologies in the medical world This Revolution in the Medical Field at the Service of Health allows unprecedented access to health … Read more



In a country where you can smell the wind aboard a Regional Express Train (TER), a stadium that dazzles any visitor and a cornice that shines the gloss of the Atlantic, in an era when the world is stamping its feet to embrace its meta-humanity, a flooded hospital might be the stuff of fiction. But … Read more

The Palmes de la Médecine: the health actors of the Côte d’Azur rewarded

The Palmes de la Medecine the health actors of the

On Wednesday, November 16, the 4th edition of the Palmes de la Médecine took place, an evening in tribute to the daily work and research carried out by doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, midwives, etc., in the Alpes-Maritimes and in Monaco. What rewards for what actions? A look back at this evening in honor of Côte d’Azur … Read more

With Health20, French Tech supports health start-ups Computerworld

With Health20 French Tech supports health start ups Computerworld

France wants to restore its image in the field of health. To do this, the government announced in 2021 a plan of 7 billion euros dedicated to the sector. Today, he turns to French Tech to help him in his quest for innovative companies. Result: a support program called Health20 should chaperone 20 health start-ups … Read more

Health: in Japan, an application to keep your voice despite cancer or Charcot’s disease

To avoid losing their voice forever in the face of illness, a Japanese start-up offers to keep it in memory and thus allow the patient to continue to use it via a telephone. Article written by Posted on 03/11/2022 11:41 Reading time : 2 min. This is one of the great tragedies for people affected … Read more

USA/Israel collaboration to facilitate health data collaborations.

Artificial intelligence from alpha to omega

Rhino Health – the Boston-based privacy-preserving distributed computing leader – and Kahn-Sagol-Maccabi (KSM) – the research and innovation center of Maccabi Health Services, Israel’s leading HMO – have agreed to use the Rhino Health platform to facilitate collaboration between KSM and AI developers in the healthcare ecosystem.The combination of Rhino Health’s technology and KSM’s data … Read more

Big Bang Health: try to participate in the live event at Le Figaro

Big Bang Health try to participate in the live event

The seventh Big Bang Santé will be held on November 29, 30 and 1er December, in public from the auditorium of Le Figaro. Register to try to attend this exceptional event dedicated to the latest scientific and medical innovations. The Big Bang Health is back! After two appointments in digital format, this edition will take … Read more

The digital and health start-ups of the 13th Fit4Start

The digital and health start ups of the 13th Fit4Start

We know the names of the 15 start-ups that make up the 13th class of Fit4Start. The Luxembourg acceleration program attracted 303 start-ups from 58 different countries this year. 67 of them, pre-selected, pitched their projects at the Arch summit, Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 October, in front of a jury of entrepreneurs and investors. … Read more

Artificial intelligence and health care: four challenges to overcome – Actu IA

New technologies artificial intelligence metaverse what are the current and

Whether it’s using a chatbot to help diagnose symptoms in telemedicine or improving medical imaging and patient monitoring, healthcare professionals are increasingly using the support of artificial intelligence. But as AI moves beyond research alone and gains traction in clinical care and drug discovery, there remain a number of critical hurdles that will determine the … Read more