Dreame L10s Ultra robot vacuum cleaner test: an effective household helper

Dreame L10s Ultra robot vacuum cleaner test an effective household

Convenience of use The L10s Ultra relies on sobriety. Coated in white with a few silver accents, the robot matches many interiors. 9.7 cm high, it passes easily under low furniture. The laser rangefinder, however, makes it take a few millimeters, but thanks to it the navigation gains in precision. Especially since an RGB camera, … Read more

Lazy at home or the myth of the advent of household robots

Charity Digital Topics Everything You Need To Know

A little like the flying car, engineers promise us mountains and wonders to free us from household chores. Especially women, who carry out 72% of these tasks according to INSEE. But, like Sister Anne, we see little or nothing coming. Admittedly, therobot vacuum, such as iRobot’s well-known Roomba, is enjoying some success. But, with some … Read more

Theft in supermarkets has a cost: “148 euros per household and per year”

Theft in supermarkets has a cost 148 euros per household

the essential In-store theft, also called by professionals “unknown markdown”, represents billions of euros in losses for French retailers. A phenomenon whose first victims are consumers. Explanations. According to a “Retail Security in Europe” study, conducted in 2019 by Crime & Tech, thefts in stores cost French distributors 7.3 billion euros in 2017. A figure … Read more