Researchers are developing an AI system that can learn the rules of human language

Researchers are developing an AI system that can learn the

A team of researchers from Cornell University, MIT and McGill University have developed an AI system that can learn the rules and patterns of human languages ​​on its own. The study “Synthesizing theories of human language with Bayesian program induction” was published in NatureCommunications. The researchers were interested in discovering AI-driven theories, they chose human … Read more

Louise Bousquet (co-founder Leia Capital): “We are helping to diversify the investor landscape, and to embody a form of model necessary for the young generation. Women entrepreneurs come to us for this, as much for the expertise as for the ‘human support’ – Forbes France

Airbus believed in us and that is a game changer

Founded in December 2021, Leia Capital is a group of 100% female business angels that invests in ambitious projects led by women entrepreneurs. What projects have they decided to support and why? Meeting with Clémence Lejeune and Louise Bousquet, two of the fund’s 14 business angels. How was the Leia Capital adventure born? Louise Bousquet: … Read more

IGN maps the impact of human activity on landscapes

IGN maps the impact of human activity on landscapes

Mapping the Anthropocene ​, this is the new challenge that the National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information, well known to the general public under the three letters that make its mark: IGN. The former National Geographic Institute, a public establishment of an administrative nature created in 1940, has been producing road, forest, staff and … Read more

Meta studies the human brain to teach “common sense” to its artificial intelligence

Meta studies the human brain to teach common sense to

The scientific mind of Meta wants to create a large collection of models to help AI develop memory and common sense, but there are still many questions. Yann LeCun is the vice-president of Meta and has always wanted to answer a question: “Can machines equal man? “. Now LeCun, who heads the AI ​​division, has … Read more

To be more effective, the new DeepMind chatbot will rely on human reactions

2022 Strategic Foresight Report ensuring the coupling of green and

What’s the trick to creating a successful chatbot with artificial intelligence (AI)? According to a new article published by DeepMind, a laboratory specializing in AI, we must rely on two levers: first, ask humans to tell this chatbot (or software agent that dialogues with a user) how it should behave . And second, it needs … Read more

How super computers are inspired by the human brain

How super computers are inspired by the human brain

Our computers are getting more and more powerful. They are gaining in speed, in computing power, and make it possible to carry out ever more complex tasks, as evidenced by the recent switch to exascale supercomputers with ” frontier ” in the USA. These advances are crucial to continue to progress in cutting-edge areas of … Read more

Organizations don’t trust AI enough to give up human decision-making

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Fivetran announced survey results showing that while 87% of organizations view artificial intelligence (AI) as vital to the survival of their business, 86% say they will struggle to fully trust AI to make all business decisions without human intervention. 90% of respondents say their organizations continue to rely on manual data processes. Conducted by Vanson … Read more

Cognitive computing, the AI ​​that aims to equal the human

Cognitive computing the AI ​​that aims to equal the human

Where is research in cognitive computing? What are the first results? Can it claim to lead to a strong artificial intelligence? the cognitive computing is often touted as one of the biggest challenges in today’s computing. It aims to provide a digital system with reasoning capabilities close to those of a human. Translation: create a … Read more

Recruitment, dismissal… When artificial intelligence takes over the management of human resources

Meta launches BlenderBot 3 its most advanced chatbot to date

By Clara Durand Posted 2 hours ago, Update just now Amazon and the Russian company Xsolla have already used AI to lay off employees. By murrstock/ Sixty Facebook employees have been fired after being “randomly” designated by artificial intelligence. A situation that has already occurred and is set to repeat itself, perhaps even in France. … Read more