A new tool to develop an artificial intelligence that “thinks” like a human

A new tool to develop an artificial intelligence that thinks

⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after ad) One of the biggest challenges in developing an artificial intelligence with “human behavior” lies in the gigantic gap between the functioning of our brain and that of an algorithm, whether it is based on a neural network or not. This difference manifests itself in … Read more

Human error is responsible for 90% of hacks

Human error is responsible for 90 of hacks

The first line of defense against piracy is down. This was revealed by the multinational IBM. Most cyberattacks are made possible by human error. The pandemic has served as a springboard for internet fraudsters, who have expanded their reach because working from home has exposed corporate networks to the attention of these criminals. The increase … Read more

Can AI safeguard privacy and human rights?

In April 2021, the European Commission unveiled an ambitious artificial intelligence (AI) regulation project. Together with the Parliament, the Commission is seeking a legal approach that would support innovation, but respect “European values”: privacy and human rights. Problem: the very definition of what artificial intelligence is varied from one interlocutor to another… These are neither … Read more

Google Engineer Says His AI Has Human Emotions

Google Engineer Says His AI Has Human Emotions

Blake Lemoine, a Google engineer, recently described Google’s artificial intelligence tool called LaMDA as “one person.” He mentioned having had a series of conversations with LaMDA, and that the computer described himself as a sensitive person. Credits: Unsplash Blake Lemoine, a senior software engineer who works in Google’s Responsible AI organization, told the Washington Post … Read more

NAVER turns its 1784 building into a hybrid human and robot working environment

NAVER is testing an ultra-modern human-robot environment in its 1784 building. An experiment that could teach us a lot. NAVERthe leading search engine in South Korea, transforms its 1784 building into an environment in which “humans work in harmony with robots“. The goal is to have 100 robots that evolve autonomously in the building to … Read more

Created a living skin with human cells to cover the robots – it also has self-healing abilities

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have created living skin to cover robots made from human cells. It is made up of collagen, fibroblasts and keratinocytes. Japanese scientists in the lab have created a living skin to cover the robots, made up of human cells grown in a dish. The researchers’ goal is to develop … Read more

Hugues Poissonnier, Grenoble Ecole de Management: “Craftsmanship, a fundamentally human activity”

What would be the definition of craftsmanship from an economic point of view? I have this definition of the craftsman from an economics dictionary that I have just opened: “Skilled worker carrying out a manual activity for his personal account, alone or with the help of a few companions”. There are interesting characteristics here: first, … Read more

Transhumanism, augmented human: utopia or nightmare?

Transhumanism augmented human utopia or nightmare

Transhumanism discussed at UM6P UM6P Science Week: Are we ready for a transhumanist future? In the era of transhumanism, renowned scientists have spoken of the importance of the transhumanist ethic that will shape the post-human era. On the sidelines of the second edition of Science Week, the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) has organizedthis Wednesday, … Read more

Videos / SIEL 2022 – The CNDH stand, “an opportunity to interact on current human rights issues”, says Ms Bouayach

The stand of the National Council for Human Rights (CNDH) at the 27th edition of the International Publishing and Book Fair (SIEL), presented on the occasion of its second day a very rich and varied program. The President of the CNDH, Amina Bouayach present throughout the day’s activities, said in an exclusive statement to Article19.ma … Read more

Can “Gato” artificial intelligence surpass human intelligence?

Deepmind, a Google company specializing in artificial intelligence, recently presented its “Gato” model. This so-called generalist AI would be able to perform 600 different tasks. And in most of these tasks, the AI ​​would perform better than a human. Would Deepmind have built the first generalist artificial intelligence, that is to say capable of learning … Read more