Generative AI: once upon a time the image revolution

Generative AI once upon a time the image revolution

Can artificial intelligence be creative? If the algorithms are not artists, their ability to “imagine” images from scratch from a simple written request is stunning. Is creativity a sign of intelligence? Can you be free under duress? So many philosophical questions that could apply to generative AI. In recent months, we have been hearing more … Read more

Artificial Intelligence in image production

By Manuel Ruiz Dupont: real-time development process consultant and trainer at Pixelacademia This article discusses the disruption that AI will bring to the field of image production. Even if you are not in the business, you can easily understand it because I illustrate my point with many visual examples (and I advise you to first … Read more

Image bank Shutterstock to sell AI-generated works

2022 Strategic Foresight Report ensuring the coupling of green and

⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after ad) While she had begun to remove from her base the images generated by artificial intelligence, the Shutterstock platform has finally announced that it will now collaborate with the OpenAI company to offer its customers artificially created images – in parallel with images provided by … Read more

Definition | AI Image Generator – Text-to-image | Futura Tech

Artificial intelligence from alpha to omega

It is a new generation of application which exploits theartificial intelligence like never before: Dall.e 2, Stable Diffusion, MidJourney… The principle: you type a text and an image is generated. Yes, but… the imagination is totally present. We can ask to generate a visual of a koala driving a motorcycle, of a microcomputer from the … Read more

Lightroom’s AI identifies people, faces and eyes to make image editing easier – CNET France

Lightrooms AI identifies people faces and eyes to make image

Adobe’s Lightroom software uses new artificial intelligence technology to select objects, people, clothing and facial features to make photo editing faster and more efficient. This technology takes some of the drudgery out of photo editing, by selecting parts of an image pixel by pixel. This new technology is available in Lightroom, Lightroom Classic and the … Read more

Meta annonce Make-A-Video, qui gnre de la vido partir de texte, via une description textuelle ou d’une image existante, Make-A-Video peut rendre une vido la demande

Meta annonce Make A Video qui genere de la video a partir

Dall-E, le gnrateur texte-image prfr de tous, a un nouveau concurrent chez Meta : un gnrateur de vido en texte appel Make-A-Video. Meta a annonc Make-A-Video, un gnrateur de vidos aliment par l’IA, capable de crer un contenu vido indit partir de textes ou d’images, l’instar des outils de synthse d’images existants comme DALL-E et … Read more

DALL-E: the brilliant AI image generator is open to everyone

DALL E the brilliant AI image generator is open to everyone

WALL-E is now accessible to the general public! Anyone can now ask OpenAI’s artificial intelligence to produce images, whether realistic, artistic, poetic, funny or disturbing. More than one million people had signed up for the queue to use DALL-E, an image-generating artificial intelligence (AI) developed by Open AIthis famous American company which wants to put … Read more

How to Erase Image Background Quickly Online

How to Erase Image Background Quickly Online

Hobby designers and content creators often manipulate the backgrounds of their images. The original scene can ultimately make an overall composition look incomplete when creating collages, greeting cards, banners, covers, and social media business posts. Professional photographers specifically shoot photos with white backgrounds to enhance the visual appeal of featured products. A few years ago, … Read more

VeriSilicon AI-ISP delivers innovative image quality enhancement that pushes the limits of computer vision

Using machine learning to identify undiagnosed cancers Attractive Area

VeriSilicon FLEXA low-power, low-latency, and low-bandwidth image quality enhancements™ SAN JOSE, CA, September 13, 2022–(BUSINESSWIRE)–VeriSilicon (688521.SH), the leading provider of SiPaaS®, the Silicon-as-a-Service platform, today announced the launch of AI-ISP, an innovative image signal enhancement technology by artificial intelligence for applications such as smartphones, automotive electronics and industrial internet of things (IIoT), providing image signal … Read more