Social networks ordered to preserve war crimes images by Congress

Social networks ordered to preserve war crimes images by Congress

Members of the Oversight and Reform Committees as well as Foreign Affairs, two committees of the US Congress, have asked Meta, TikTok, YouTube and Twitter to archive potential evidence of war crimes committed in Ukraine by the Russian military. Evidence for the future It has now been nearly three months since Russia attacked Ukraine, and … Read more

Densitas et Blackford renforcent leur partenariat pour offrir des solutions d’valuation du risque de cancer du sein et de qualit des images

6sense annonce son integration dans Outreach pour une meilleure generation

Classé dans : Les affaires, Science et technologie, SantéSujets : Femme, Contrats de license / de marketing HALIFAX, NS, le 12 mai 2022 /CNW/ – Densitas® Inc., un fournisseur mondial de technologies d’intelligence artificielle (IA) pour la mammographie numérique et le dépistage du cancer du sein, a annoncé l’expansion de son entente de partenariat avec Blackford, ce … Read more

Val d’Oise: satellite images to fight illegal dumping

It is an environmental and health scourge that increasingly penalizes communities. Against the proliferation of illegal dumping, mainly located in peri-urban areas, the Val-d’Oise department has adopted a global prevention and control plan for the period 2022-2027. With more than 200 illegal waste disposal points identified, the territory is particularly affected. “The fight against these … Read more

Artificial intelligence can now colorize night vision images

1650426072 Artificial intelligence can now colorize night vision images

— Raimundo79 / American researchers have developed and trained an artificial intelligence so that it colors the images captured by infrared devices, thus giving them a more natural rendering. Improve the rendering of night vision devices Making it possible to distinguish elements and movements in the dark, night vision cameras and goggles convert the … Read more

NVIDIA NeRF Instant: Turn 2D Images into 3D Scenes in Record Time

NVIDIA NeRF Instant Turn 2D Images into 3D Scenes in

It was during a session of NVIDIA GTC, last March, that Instant NeRF, a technology based on a neural network capable of transforming a set of 2D photos into high-resolution 3D scenes in a few seconds, was presented. According to the NVIDIA Research team, it would be one of the first models of its kind … Read more

The new Tesla factory, a hypersonic missile test… The five images of the week

1649592147 The new Tesla factory a hypersonic missile test The five

US passes hypersonic missile test The greatest feat may not be the test itself, but keeping the information secret in such a tense international environment. Lockheed Martin, Air Force Research Lab (AFRL), Aerojet Rocketdyne and Darpa, the research agency dedicated to the defense of the United States passed their hypersonic missile test in mid-March. … Read more

OpenAI’s Dall-E 2 generates all kinds of images faster and better from text input

OpenAIs Dall E 2 generates all kinds of images faster and

In short: Imagine being able to describe an image to an AI and transform it into a photorealistic image. That’s one of the claims from an updated version of a program we first saw last year, and the results look exciting. DALL-E 2 comes from the San Francisco-based OpenAI research lab behind artificial intelligence models … Read more

DALL·E 2: the AI ​​that generates images (and not just landscapes) from text

DALL·E 2 the AI ​​that generates images and not just

⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after ad) The Open AI company has given birth to a new kind of “artist”. DALL·E 2, as it is called, is an artificial intelligence (AI) capable of converting almost any requested situation into an image, from a simple textual description. ” DALL E 2 is … Read more