How AIs will try to improve the performance of Evil Geniuses eSports teams

How AIs will try to improve the performance of Evil

Analysis of game strategies from past games, implementation of training programs and even recruitment by scanning the servers: HPE software and AI bricks are at the service of the American professional video game team “Evil Geniuses”. The world champion of supercomputers and servers, the American HPE, has just signed a strange partnership with an eSport … Read more

Squirrly SEO, a tool to improve the SEO of your WordPress site using AI

Squirrly SEO a tool to improve the SEO of your

To promote its products or services, it is essential to properly reference its website. This requires setting up an SEO strategy. However, this is complicated when you have no knowledge in the field. Although a wide range of tools exist in the market, they are sometimes difficult to get started with due to their innumerable … Read more

Engineers design a recipe to improve any autonomous robotic system – Artificial intelligence and robotics news

Autonomous robots have come a long way since the tedious Roomba. In recent years, artificially intelligent systems have been deployed in self-driving cars, last-mile food delivery, catering services, patient screening, hospital cleaning, meal preparation, building security and warehouse packaging. Each of these robotic systems is the product of an ad hoc design process specific to … Read more

Improve the quality of care and the patient experience with a “smart” Wi-Fi network

It is no longer a secret to anyone: the Wi-Fi network has become a key element for healthcare organizations seeking to achieve their objectives in terms of quality of care, efficiency and patient safety. Much more than a convenience, this wireless connectivity has become fundamental for managing the mobility of people and equipment, but also … Read more

GXO uses Körber’s first artificial intelligence solution to improve warehouse efficiency

GXO uses Korbers first artificial intelligence solution to improve warehouse

News > Providers > Körber’s Operator Eye helps the world’s leading contract logistics provider reduce picking errors by up to 75%. LONDON, UK, June 22, 2022 Körber has partnered with GXO Logistics, Inc. (NYSE: GXO), the world’s largest pure-play contract logistics provider, to develop the pioneering artificial intelligence-based Operator Eye solution that detects errors and … Read more

Microsoft launches Viva Sales to improve the seller experience.

Microsoft launches Viva Sales to improve the seller

After the “employee” experience, Microsoft is interested in the “salesperson” experience and enriches its Viva universe with a new “Viva Sales” module! In February 2021, anticipating the needs of companies to manage both new hybrid work trends and the new aspirations of a workforce inclined to the “great quit”, Microsoft launched a product on the … Read more

9 out of 10 distributors want to improve the journey of their customers

As part of their marketing strategy, 9 out of 10 distributors want to improve the customer journey. Customer experience is the most relevant aspect of marketing strategy for 44.3% of professionals In the digital age, there are more and more channels for interacting with consumers. While this situation offers endless possibilities for advertisers to engage … Read more

Google Workspace Makes Updates To Improve Hybrid And Flexible Working

Placeholder while loading article actions Google is rolling out updates to its suite of productivity tools as it aims to capitalize on a more flexible future of work. Many companies have been changing the way office workers work since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, in some cases allowing partial or total remote work. As … Read more

Meta AI unveils AI technology to improve moderation on Facebook and Instagram

Meta AI unveils AI technology to improve moderation on Facebook

Harmful content evolves very quickly, so AI systems need to keep up with this evolution in parallel. For this, the AI ​​must learn what it is looking for, it takes many months to collect and label the thousands, if not millions, of examples needed to train each AI system to spot a new … Read more

Vascular surgery: artificial intelligence to improve patient follow-up

Vascular surgery artificial intelligence to improve patient follow up

The Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Department of La Timone Hospital, headed by Pr Michel Alain BARTOLI, recently entered into a partnership with INCEPTO for the development of ARVA, a solution to help monitor endoprostheses based on artificial intelligence. For several years now, artificial intelligence has opened up vast fields of research in all medical fields, … Read more