Renault and Atos join forces to collect industrial data

Renault and Atos join forces to collect industrial data

On June 28, 2022, Atos and Renault jointly announced in a statement, the signing of a partnership with the aim of developing and commercializing a large-scale industrial data collection platform. By offering this solution to companies in the industrial sector, the two firms hope to help industry players in their digital transition. IDscale, a tool … Read more

The industrial camera manufacturer IDS celebrates its 25th anniversary – Controls Tests Measures

When visions come true Industrial camera manufacturer IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH celebrates its 25th anniversary. The owner-managed family business from Obersulm in Baden-Württemberg continues to follow its own path. As a pioneer in the field of digital image processing, the company, around its founder and director Jürgen Hartmann, wishes to continue to facilitate the … Read more

Renault and Atos, partners to collect industrial data on a large scale

Renault and Atos enter into a partnership to develop and market a large-scale industrial data collection platform. This collaboration announced on June 28, 2022 aims to leverage Atos’ skills to market the ID@Scale solution, which was developed internally by Renault’s engineering, digital and IT teams. “This collaboration allows us to commercialize our know-how in … Read more

Industrial policy, innovation, public finances… It’s time to get out of the blur

Cryptos for an iris scan the controversial Worldcoin

After a legislative campaign during which the majority will have said few things, leaving Nupes the field free to say anything, the time for clarification cannot be postponed. And there is plenty to do. Firstly because the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister, on crucial subjects such as public finances, industrial policy and … Read more

Artificial intelligence: a hackathon for industrial applications | Engineering Techniques

A hard-fought final on December 15, 2021. It was the final of the IA4AI hackathon, organized by ArianeGroup, Atos and SKF Magnetic Mechatronics, with Engineering Techniques and the support of Mathworks and AWS, and focusing on artificial intelligence in industrial applications. The final of the IA4AI hackathon (open to AI specialists), organized at the Campus … Read more

The Raised Stopper Inspection, a solution for detecting industrial bottle clogging errors in a sterile environment – Controls Tests Measures

The only solution on the market dedicated to the inspection of freeze-dried vials in a sterile environment, the Raised Stopper Inspection (RSI) is equipped with a system of high-performance cameras and manages the zone located between the corking and the capping, hitherto uncontrolled. in primary pharmaceutical packaging. Antares vision group, Italian leader in traceability, product … Read more

Deployment of AI: where are industrial companies?

Digitization continues to advance and for many the subject of artificial intelligence is emotionally charged. Considered the panacea for industry, AI has great potential Today, the question is no longer whether AI is used in production, but where companies are in its implementation: are they still in a pilot project or are they already using … Read more

The factory of the future: technology at the heart of industrial production!

The factory of the future technology at the heart of

Technological development has profoundly transformed modern society, and no sector is spared. We live in an ultra-connected society and digital technology is now permeating all sectors of the economy, and particularly in the industrial sector. We therefore increasingly hear expressions such as: factory of the future, smart factory, connected factory or factory 4.0, expressions that … Read more

Radio J. The industrial universe of the Kibbutzim has greatly evolved.

RADIO J. Hello Christophe, hello Dear Listeners. Thinking that “the kibbutzim are over” is a serious mistake. The world is changing, the industrial and high-tech universe of the Kibbutzim has greatly evolved. A few years ago, I took part in an exciting consulting job. I was asked to research, with the help of a dedicated … Read more

Artificial Intelligence: what contributions for industrial development? – Silicon

The inefficient search for resources resulting in a significant loss of time constitutes a first obstacle to the development of a project. If the process of developing a project is, in theory, quite effective, practice shows the opposite. Respecting the specifications, in particular the budgetary aspect and the deadlines, can prove to be a difficult … Read more