Instagram and the implementation of facial recognition

Instagram and the implementation of facial recognition

We start with Instagram which, moreover, is still running behind the success of Tik Tok. We have just learned that the platform, to verify the age of its users, (because theoretically, social networks are prohibited for those under 13) will set up in the United States an age verification system by recognition facial. A selfie … Read more

Facebook and Instagram are changing their model: why you will see your friends’ posts less

Mark Zuckeberg is changing paradigm. The founder of the most popular social network on the planet announced in an interview to the American media CNBC that Facebook and Instagram would soon break away from their iconic social platform features aimed at connecting users with loved ones. In parallel with his bet on the future of … Read more

Instagram wants to control the age of users using artificial intelligence

The minimum age to create an Instagram account is 13, but many minors lie about their date of birth. The photo and video sharing platform Instagram announced Thursday that it is testing new ways to verify the date of birth of its users, in particular thanks to an artificial intelligence tool estimating age via facial … Read more

Instagram is testing a facial recognition tool that can verify a user’s age

Instagram is testing a facial recognition tool that can verify

Verifying the age of users is not always easy for the various sites on the Internet, especially those intended for an adult audience. In this context, instagram is currently in the process of test two new verification methodsmoon using subscribers and the other using a facial recognition tool based on Artificial Intelligence. According to Instagram, … Read more

Meta AI unveils AI technology to improve moderation on Facebook and Instagram

Meta AI unveils AI technology to improve moderation on Facebook

Harmful content evolves very quickly, so AI systems need to keep up with this evolution in parallel. For this, the AI ​​must learn what it is looking for, it takes many months to collect and label the thousands, if not millions, of examples needed to train each AI system to spot a new … Read more

‘It’s up to Instagram to serve as the engine of growth’: Meta’s Q1 net profit down 21% YoY

The Californian group generated $7.47 billion in net profit in the first quarter, down 21% year on year, for sales approaching $28 billion (+7%). Its title jumped almost 19% during electronic trading after the closing of the New York Stock Exchange. Above all, it has not lost users again. In February, the social network admitted … Read more

5 Instagram news you didn’t know existed – Geeko

5 Instagram news you didnt know existed Geeko

Series of hashtags, return of the chronological feed, subtitles… Here are all the novelties of the month of March to discover on Instagram. Promote social movements On March 28, the platform announced that it was starting to test a new feature. Its mission would be to help people find and support social movements on Instagram. … Read more