Artificial Intelligence: Why it is vital to support its integration into the company

Without support, humans often find themselves alone in the face of algorithms intended to make their lives easier. The specialist in business intelligence, Sindup, tells us how, for 10 years, he has been helping organizations to train managers and employees thanks to a catalog designed to address all profiles. Combining artificial intelligence and collective intelligence … Read more

Apple unveils new accessibility features that rely on ever more artificial intelligence

Apple unveils new accessibility features that rely on ever more

We’ve all used or tried a few of the accessibility features built into iOS, whether it’s flashing the flashlight when a call comes in or double or triple tapping the back of the iPhone to bring up a application or setting. But these are only the tip of a gigantic iceberg, which make up the … Read more

1st meetings of artificial intelligence applied in health » PACA’s economic and political newsletter

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François REBSAMEN, Mayor of Dijon, President of Dijon Métropole, in the presence of Danielle JUBAN, Vice-President of Dijon Métropole in charge of economic development and attractiveness, Marc MAYNADIÉ, President of Technopole SANTENOV and Carlos MARTINS, Director of the ESEO Dijon, participates in the IA4Care Forum – the 1st meetings of artificial intelligence applied to health … Read more

The Val de Marne relies on artificial intelligence to improve its sanitation network

In November 2020, the Seine-Normandy water agency launched a call for innovation projects for water management, “Digital transition and circular economy” to support communities, companies and associations committed to the protection resources and aquatic environments. Two selected projects, based on artificial intelligence, are currently being tested by the Val de Marne department. Urbanization and the … Read more

Intelligence artificielle vs intelligence superficielle – Actu IA

Que d’encre ne coule chaque semaine pour nous expliquer que l’intelligence artificielle n’existe pas, qu’elle n’est guère intelligente notamment au regard de l’humain qui lui, n’en ayons aucun doute dispose d’une intelligence bien réelle. Pourtant, l’intelligence artificielle est bien présente dans notre vie quotidienne et l’histoire comme l’actualité ne nous apportent pas toujours la preuve … Read more

3-in-1 hybrid material for the next generation of intelligent artificial skin – News Artificial intelligence and robotics

The “intelligent skin” developed by Anna Maria Coclite closely resembles human skin. It simultaneously detects pressure, humidity and temperature and produces electronic signals. More sensitive robots or more intelligent prostheses are thus possible. The skin is the largest sensory organ and at the same time the protective coat of the human being. It “feels” multiple … Read more

The Tech Letter. Taxes against bastards, Moscow acid rain and love in the age of artificial intelligence

Wired takes us into a story as despicable as it is fascinating: that of the dismantling by the American police of the largest online pedophile network in the world, a site called Welcome to Video, spied on, decrypted for months from the United Kingdom to Thailand, from South Africa in Atlanta, in a global operation … Read more

Pick & Place with artificial intelligence without a PC

The AI ​​is fast, robust, works nearly error-free, and doesn’t pause. It is therefore already superior to man in many areas where work processes must be carried out continuously with constant high output and quality. These are the reasons why we want to use AI in the machine vision environment in interaction with robotics, in … Read more

Artificial Intelligence Market by Regional Outlook, Latest Trend, Share Analysis, Growth, Application and Forecast to 2029 –

Artificial Intelligence Market by Regional Outlook Latest Trend Share Analysis

This Market research report is a specialized and comprehensive research report which focuses on the fundamental market drivers, insights on the overall industry, driving segments and territorial examination. It merges an effective examination of the current status of this entire market, which covers a few components of the market. The report features an extensive calculated … Read more

Artificial intelligence, algorithms for decision support and therapy, how should the human guarantee be implemented? What are the requirements for professional healthcare users?

Artificial intelligence algorithms for decision support and therapy how should

Marguerite Brac de La Perriere, MONDAY, MAY 16, 2022 In this first part, Me Marguerite Brac de La Perrière presents the obligations of professionals using artificial intelligence (AI) tools, in the context of acts of prevention, diagnosis or care, were presented. Artificial intelligence (AI) tools have penetrated the hospital, improving the organization of care and … Read more