Intel’s deepfake detector is 96% accurate…for now

Intels deepfake detector is 96 accuratefor now

FakeCatcher is showing impressive performance, but new tricks will have to be found to counter future advances in deepfakes. With the current rise of artificial intelligence, deepfakes – those artificial intelligence-based digital tricks that replace a celebrity’s voice or face in a video or audio clip – represent a legitimate cause for concern; they are … Read more

Gaudi2: all about Intel’s new super-powerful AI chip –

Intel has just unveiled its new Gaudi2 AI chip, twice as powerful as the first generation. The firm seeks to compete with Nvidia and AMD on all fronts, and is also developing new GPUs. Find out everything you need to know. The field of artificial intelligence is booming. In 2022, according to IDC, spending on … Read more

[Avis d’expert] Is Intel’s project in Europe compliant with the European Chips Act?

Avis dexpert Is Intels project in Europe compliant with the

Pat Gelsinger, CEO ofIntel, indicated to be ready to invest in Germany, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain and Poland a total of 33 billion euros which could go to 80 billion over 10 years. What has been proposed by Intel? On the chip manufacturing side The Magdeburg plant (17 billion euros) envisaged in Germany, “will produce … Read more