Samsung Electronics Introduces Industry’s First 512GB CXL Memory Module – Samsung Global Newsroom – Reuters News in France and abroad

Samsung Electronics Introduces Industrys First 512GB CXL Memory Module –

Newly developed CXL memory contains 4 times the memory capacity compared to the previous version, allowing a server to scale up to tens of terabytes with only one-fifth the system latency Samsung will also showcase an enhanced version of its open-source software toolkit that makes it easier to deploy CXL memory in existing and emerging … Read more

Samsung Electronics Introduces a New Era of Micro LED Technology at ISE 2022

Samsung Electronics Introduces a New Era of Micro LED Technology

The Wall’s 2022 models feature incredible technological innovations, including the thinnest display ever, with a pixel pitch of just P.063 Samsung is showcasing the future of Micro LED technology at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2022 in Barcelona, ​​unveiling three new models of its cutting-edge display technology, The Wall. “Micro LED technology is poised to define … Read more

HPE introduces systems for artificial intelligence and swarm learning

HPE is launching two new systems, one to accelerate and simplify intelligence and the other to perform remote machine learning and to be able to transfer data in complete confidentiality. Swarm Learning is a solution for edge and distributed sites. Containers that, with HPE’s Swarm API, easily integrate with AI models, according to the company. … Read more

Google Introduces Retail Search for Ecommerce Sites

Google Introduces Retail Search for Ecommerce Sites

A new solution for e-commerce sites provides Google-quality search and recommendations on retailers’ digital properties. Google Cloud announced the release of Retail Search, a tool designed to give retailers the capabilities of Google’s search engine on their own domains. Built with Google technologies that understand user context and intent, it is intended to help businesses … Read more