How Bondzai invents a new approach to AI

How Bondzai invents a new approach to AI

Unconvinced by current approaches to artificial intelligence (AI), Alain Fanet, serial entrepreneur since the 1990s, decided to investigate the next emerging wave of smart objects (AioT). His meeting in 2019 with the professor of applied and industrial mathematics Bijan Mohammadi, who has just developed an algorithm for deep learningwill be decisive: together, they decide to … Read more

Artificial Intelligence: he invents a smart AI-driven toaster to “get the perfect toast”!

Artificial Intelligence he invents a smart AI driven toaster to get

What a joy to smell the smell of toasted bread in the early morning, which we accompany with butter, jam, spread and that we dip in our coffee or chocolate… We all or almost all have a toaster who blows up toast, or we remember the one from our childhood. But plunging slices of bread … Read more

A start-up invents a powerful and innovative camera capable of literally seeing through walls

A start up invents a powerful and innovative camera capable of

How to locate a victim during a collapse, an earthquake, when the walls form an impassable barrier for relief? The future solution may come to us from Israel, where the start-up Camero-Tech has just unveiled its new invention: the Xaver 1000, a powerful camera system that literally allows you to see through walls. The Israeli … Read more

Fuseproject invents an innovative “bionic garment” driven by artificial intelligence

Fuseproject invents an innovative bionic garment driven by artificial intelligence

Where would we be today without technology? It is often defined as access to information or the means of communication, but technology also extends into the medical field of course. Many companies are innovating and inventing equipment to improve the lives and daily lives of people with disabilities. At present, restoring independence and autonomy to … Read more

An artificial intelligence “invents” an alternative physics

An artificial intelligence invents an alternative physics

An experiment conducted at Columbia University demonstrates that artificial intelligence is capable of developing its own vision of physics. Can artificial intelligence help us discover new physical concepts? This is what a fascinating and promising experiment carried out by researchers at Columbia University in the United States suggests. Science Alert . Read also: “Artificial intelligence … Read more

A roboticist invents and receives an award for the first exoskeleton for children that “grows with him”

A roboticist invents and receives an award for the first

Very innovative and revolutionary for those who use them, exoskeletons have been around for a few years. Improvements are still needed to perfect them, but some people with disabilities have already been able to benefit from this impressive technology. Before June 21, there was no exoskeleton suitable for children… Thanks to the tenacity and the … Read more

A 16-year-old teenager invents an ingenious system that will save the lives of many children

A 16 year old teenager invents an ingenious system that will save

Sometimes, certain inventions come from a need of the inventor, who, not finding his happiness in the existing one, decides to fill a lack… And sometimes, these inventions come from a drama experienced by the inventor… is unfortunately a human drama that is behind the invention student from Dubai, Sabeel Basheer, 16 years old. In … Read more

Skyted invents a headset to make calls in public without being heard

Allow people to make audio and video calls without being heard or disturbing people around in an airplane, an open space or a public place? That’s Skyted’s goal. The Toulouse startup has imagined a mask-helmet that creates a “silent bubble” and allows you to communicate discreetly without disturbing or being listened to. This technology, which … Read more