Pfizer supports Israeli CytoReason and signs AI-based research agreement

Pfizer supports Israeli CytoReason and signs AI based research agreement

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is investing $20 million in Israeli company CytoReason, a developer of computational disease models for drug discovery and development, as part of a broader deal worth up to $110 million over the next five years, the companies announced on Tuesday. The agreement builds on an existing multi-year cooperation agreement dating from 2019 … Read more

RADIO J. Unit “8400”, a revolution in Israeli high-tech.

E commerce is the key to unlocking Africas economic potential

No question of doing philanthropy but rather of boosting a promising sector that can change people’s lives. “I would like the creation of another Teva or another Check Point in the field of health. We invest in companies with the potential to become self-sufficient”, specifies Marius Nacht. His partner, Yair Schindel, predicts a great future … Read more

United States: protests against Google and Amazon for deliveries of services to Israeli apartheid

United States protests against Google and Amazon for deliveries of

Tehran (IQNA)-Under the slogan “No technology for apartheid”, sit-ins have been carried out in several American states, with the participation of many employees of Google and Amazon companies to protest against the provision of technology to spying on “Israel”. The protesters who gathered outside the offices of the two companies demanded that the two companies … Read more

Mylo, an Israeli virtual lifeguard with artificial intelligence

Mylo an Israeli virtual lifeguard with artificial intelligence

Accidental drowning deaths are a scourge in the summer months, and one of the top five causes of death in children under 14. Health professionals, parents and activists work to raise awareness that drowning can happen quickly and quietlyeven in the presence of lifeguards. In the United States, the majority of fatal child drownings occur … Read more

Israeli boy genius rises to prominence with ’embarrassing’ LinkedIn posts

Israeli boy genius rises to prominence with embarrassing LinkedIn posts

Tom Orbach, Israeli high-tech professional, had a rather fruitful week. What started with the launch of an application that mocked the most viral posts of the Internet’s largest professional network ended on Thursday with the sale of a product that instantly went viral – and for a pretty penny. . Or as his Viral Post … Read more

An alleged Iranian actor targets the main Israeli economic sectors » PACA’s economic and political letter

Memorizer the super app to remember everything PACAs economic and

Over the past year, Mandiant has tracked the UNC3890 group, a criminal group targeting Israel’s shipping, healthcare, energy and government sectors through social engineering lures. In all likelihood, Mandiant believes that this actor is connected to Iran, particularly because of its emphasis on shipping and the ongoing naval conflict between Iran and Israel. This actor … Read more

Israeli scientists develop AI to treat cancer

Israeli scientists develop AI to treat cancer

An artificial intelligence algorithm to identify a group of cancer-causing ‘point mutations’ in TP53 – a gene implicated in around half of all cancerous tumors – has been developed for the first time in the world by a group of researchers of the Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem. A point mutation occurs in a … Read more

Gett, Waze, Flytrex, StoreDot…13 essential Israeli startups in the world.

Charity Digital Topics Everything You Need To Know

Some of the most international start-ups in the country. 1. GettGett is a start-up that has developed an application allowing you to order your taxi using your mobile. It exists today in the United Kingdom, Israel, Russia and the United States. Clearly a rival of Uber, the start-up is valued at several billion dollars. 2.WazeWaze, … Read more

Great: traffic management of the Israeli coastal highway driven by artificial intelligence.

Rekor Systems, a global AI technology company whose mission is to build safer, smarter and more efficient cities around the world through intelligent infrastructure, has just announced its joint program launched by Netivei Israel, Israel’s national transport infrastructure company, in collaboration with the Israel Living Lab Consortium and the Israel Innovation Authority. The program designates … Read more

The American giant Qualcomm acquires the Israeli Cellwize for 350 million dollars

Qualcomm, a major American technology company, has acquired Israeli Cellwize Wireless Technologies, a cloud and artificial intelligence software maker specializing in the deployment of 5G networks. Qualcomm officially announced it last Thursday without further details. The transaction is estimated at around $350 million. The American company is a leading producer of semiconductors, software and other … Read more