Nancy hosts the first law and cybersecurity meetings

The ducal city is hosting the first law and cybersecurity meetings on July 4th. An interdisciplinary meeting that will allow a look and reflections on the development of artificial intelligence or the field of cyberattacks, which have become one of the major concerns of the last decade. The Loria (Lorraine laboratory for research in … Read more

Czech EU Presidency sets way forward for AI law talks

1655977715 Czech EU Presidency sets way forward for AI law talks

The future Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU has shared a working document with other EU governments to gather their views on the definition of artificial intelligence (AI), high-risk systems, governance and national security. The document, obtained by EURACTIV, will serve as the basis for discussion in the telecommunications working group on July … Read more

AI law: MEPs submit thousands of amendments before the start of negotiations

AI law MEPs submit thousands of amendments before the start

Each political group in the European Parliament submitted a few hundred amendments to the future AI law, thus setting the tone for the discussions to come. These amendments, thousands in total, are the prelude to complex negotiations which should begin before the summer, during which the co-rapporteurs Brando Benifei for the Internal Market Committee (IMCO) … Read more

CNDH at SIEL 2022.. A hymn dedicated to all forms of expression of the law

CNDH at SIEL 2022 A hymn dedicated to all forms

By Mrs. Amina BouayachPresident of the National Human Rights Council. Beyond the impact of the health crisis that we have just gone through at the social and economic level, it has revealed many weaknesses but also resources of resilience of our contemporary societies. This unprecedented experience, through physical and social distancing and confinement, has led … Read more

Law – Electronic invoicing: less costs, more controls – Petites Affiches des Alpes Maritimes

What is the purpose of the electronic invoice? It’s to save money on processing because receiving an invoice in a company costs money. It must be received, registered, validated. According to studies, the cost of processing an invoice, upon receipt, is between 14 and 20 euros on average. An invoice that a company issues costs … Read more

LexisNexis puts new technologies at the service of law – Widoobiz

How does LexisNexis insert artificial intelligence tools into the work of legal professionals? SB : First of all, it should be noted that since the 1970s, LexisNexis has taken advantage of digital tools to help legal professionals in their profession. At the time, our company created one of the first case law databases in the … Read more

The Senate wants a law on facial recognition in public space

The fact-finding mission on facial recognition in the public space made its proposals on May 11. Painting a portrait of the tool where prohibition must be the rule, she invites the executive to take up the subject before the 2024 Olympics. “It is time to intervene on this question, which is not a technical problem … Read more

Artificial intelligence and the law in North America: a transatlantic analysis

This article represents the second part of our comparative transatlantic analysis of the legislative initiatives taken to regulate artificial intelligence (AI) on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, i.e. in the European Union (EU) on the one hand, and in Canada and the United States, on the other. To learn more about what is being … Read more

Child pornography: the proposed European law provokes an outcry

Last Wednesday, the European Commission published a bill for a better fight against child pornography and the sexual abuse of minors. This new text wants to force service providers – and in particular social networks and messaging – to integrate new mechanisms for detecting illegal content. In principle, this detection would be targeted and would … Read more