VPT: the new OpenAI AI learned Minecraft in 70,000 hours on YouTube – LeBigData.fr

OpenAI’s new VPT artificial intelligence learned to play Minecraft video game after training on 70,000 hours of YouTube video. This innovative approach could offer new possibilities for AI… We distinguish two types of video game lovers : those who play it, and those who watch others play it in streaming. However, OpenAI’s new artificial intelligence … Read more

AI and Machine Learning: the datasets of the Western elite monopolize research – LeBigData.fr

AI and Machine Learning the datasets of the Western elite

Research in artificial intelligence and machine learning is largely dominated by a handful of datasets, developed by elite Western institutions. A study conducted by the University of California and Google Research points to this worrying phenomenon and its harmful consequences…. Research in artificial intelligence is developing at a rapid pace. Unfortunately, it is largely dominated … Read more

Top 10 of the best tools to use AI without knowing how to code – LeBigData.fr

Do you want to use Machine Learning and AI in your business or for a project, but you do not have the expertise of a Data Scientist or an engineer? Discover the top 10 best tools to create machine learning and artificial intelligence applications without computer code. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are opening up … Read more

Microsoft, Meta and Google: an alliance including AI for better data center management – LeBigData.fr

Microsoft Meta and Google an alliance including AI for better

Meta is convinced of one thing: the occupational safety of data center personnel must be constantly studied. Research suspects solutions based on the benefits of Artificial Intelligence. Within data centers, regular maintenance of equipment is never without risk for personnel. Between emergency situations, exposure to products harmful to health and work accidents, everything is possible. … Read more

Sovereign Cloud: all about the digital sovereignty of the Cloud – LeBigData.fr

Sovereign Cloud all about the digital sovereignty of the Cloud

A Sovereign Cloud hosts data and applications in compliance with and respect for a country’s jurisdiction. This helps protect data and control access to sensitive information. The days of large investments in computer hardware are over. Now, Cloud Computing is the solution that most companies have adopted to store data and deploy applications. But it … Read more

Machine Learning : comment entraîner une intelligence artificielle ? Le guide complet – LeBigData.fr

On parle énormément du Machine Learning et du Deep Learning, permettant aux machines d’apprendre. Mais comment entraîner une intelligence artificielle ? Comment fonctionne réellement cette technologie révolutionnaire ? Découvrez comment procéder à travers ce guide complet. L’intelligence artificielle offre des possibilités illimitées. Cependant, tout comme l’intelligence humaine, l’IA a d’abord besoin d’apprendre pour se développer … Read more

A destruction of “bureaucratic inertia” on technological advances – LeBigData.fr

A destruction of bureaucratic inertia on technological advances LeBigDatafr

Several senior French Defense Ministry officials have recently resigned. They expressed their frustration with the slow progress. Following this, the new head of AI (Artificial Intelligence) of the Pentagon then wants to accelerate technological modernization. This will proceed to the destruction of “bureaucratic inertia. » Countless resignations, pretty understandable Expressing their frustration with the “bureaucratic … Read more

Voicemod transforms your voice thanks to artificial intelligence – LeBigData.fr

Voicemod transforms your voice thanks to artificial intelligence LeBigDatafr

Voicemod AI is a software capable of transforming your voice in real time thanks to artificial intelligence. You can adopt the voice of actor Morgan Freeman, an astronaut or an airplane pilot. Since its launch a few years ago, the Voicemod software allowing to change your voice in real time met with great success. However, … Read more

[Test] Amazon Echo Show 15 : l’écran connecté en vaut-il la peine ? – LeBigData.fr

Test Amazon Echo Show 15 lecran connecte en vaut il

L’Amazon Echo Show 15 fait partie de la toute dernière gamme d’écrans connectés qu’Amazon a conçue pour décorer l’intérieur. On se demande toutefois s’il est fait pour tout le monde. Par rapport aux autres produits de la même série tels que l’Echo Show 8 et 10, on peut dire que l’Amazon Echo Show 15 est … Read more

AI: what you need to know about Artificial Intelligence – LeBigData.fr

AI what you need to know about Artificial Intelligence

AI or artificial intelligence is a technology that simulates human intelligence through computer systems and machines. This concept of inert object existed since antiquity. However, the AI ​​craze only really started around the first half of the 20th century. Today, breakthroughs continue and AI is becoming more and more tangible. How artificial intelligence works The … Read more