MAINTENANCE. Mathematics: how to reconcile students with this unloved subject

MAINTENANCE Mathematics how to reconcile students with this unloved subject

What is math for? How do you find meaning in this reasoning subject? The testimony of a teacher in a high school in Toulouse sheds light on the method to adopt to learn to appreciate his discipline. This Monday, November 14, 2022 opens the Assises des Mathématiques organized by the CNRS. The opportunity to make … Read more

The Grenoble tram is testing smart cameras for rail maintenance

You have probably seen it pass through the streets of Grenoble this Wednesday, October 26, a big yellow truck driving on the tram tracks. It is not a new mode of public transport but a maintenance operation carried out with new tools. Thanks to a technology developed by the Lyon-based company Viapix System, a scan … Read more

MAINTENANCE. Protests in Iran: “The regime is irreformable and doomed to fall”

Meta confirms the launch date of its next virtual reality

Tear gas and live ammunition, mass or targeted arrests of opponents and journalists, Internet cuts… The Iranian authorities are stepping up repression in an attempt to stem the demonstrations that have rocked Iran for the past two weeks. Beyond the death of Mahsa Amini, on September 16, after her visit to a Tehran police station … Read more

DEWA’s preventive maintenance work on the transmission network makes the network the best in the world

DEWAs preventive maintenance work on the transmission network makes the

DUBAI, 7th August, 2022 (WAM) — Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has announced that periodic preventive maintenance of its electricity transmission systems helps achieve 100% reliability and availability of electricity in Dubai, reducing average maintenance costs by around AED 2 million per year, making it the “Best in Class” among global utilities since 2018. … Read more

MAINTENANCE. Russian spies unmasked: “Putin has increased the aggressiveness of his espionage tenfold” according to a former KGB

the essential The Netherlands recently unmasked a Russian spy who was trying to infiltrate the International Criminal Court. An extremely rare case that raises questions about the spying device deployed by Vladimir Putin in Europe. For La Dépêche du Midi, Sergei Jirnov, a former KGB spy, deciphers the current dynamics of Kremlin intelligence. La Dépêche … Read more

Innovative techniques for road diagnostics and maintenance

On June 9, a partnership of innovative techniques was signed in Meudon for both road diagnostics and pavement repair between Grand Paris Seine Ouest, Cerema and the two companies Vialytics and Neovia. Explanations. this article is part of the file Road conditions: why action is needed Grand Paris Seine Ouest has placed an order with … Read more

Data, artificial intelligence: predictive maintenance on board ships

Data artificial intelligence predictive maintenance on board ships

@Luke Bender Passionate about sailing and new technologies, Nicolas De Laet merged the company Sailsense in 2017 with Yannick Vereerstraeten after a crossing of the Atlantic rich in adventures and ideas. Specialized in predictive maintenance, the company equips boats with sensors and analyzes the data in order to make them more reliable and less expensive. … Read more

Planes will be able to count on their digital twin for their maintenance – Geeko

Engineers want to invent “conscious” planes. At Cranfield University in Great Britain, a group of engineers want to revolutionize aviation. Their idea? Extending the idea of ​​digital twinning to produce what they call a “conscious plane”. Put simply, they want to create a digital twin of an entire aircraft by merging its various monitoring systems … Read more

REPLY: Enel Improves Maintenance Work Efficiency with Quantum-Inspired Algorithms

REPLY Enel Improves Maintenance Work Efficiency with Quantum Inspired Algorithms

TURIN, Italy–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Reply today announced that it has implemented a Quantum Inspired Algorithm for Enelone of the world’s leading operators in the power generation and renewable energy sector. This innovative solution allows Enel to quickly identify the optimal allocation of maintenance activities for the operating units distributed in the areas where it operates. For Enel, … Read more

Beyond predictive maintenance – Controls Tests Measurements

Beyond predictive maintenance Controls Tests Measurements

AI, combined with Asystom technologies for capturing vibration and acoustic data, allows machines to alert, but also to diagnose the probable causes of their failure. Asystom, a benchmark company in predictive maintenance for Industry 4.0 founded in 2016, announces the official launch of its new solution: AsystomAdvisor. With this technological innovation, which is a first … Read more