Atos signs a major contract with Siemens IT to support the company in its digital transformation

Atos signs a major contract with Siemens IT to support

Press release Atos signs a major contract with Siemens IT to support the company in its digital transformation Paris, France – the 21 november 2022 – Atos announces the signature of a major new contract with Siemens. Atos will ensure the provision of SIAM services and accelerate the digital transformation of Siemens. Atos will work … Read more

Orange Cyberdefense and CS Group win a major contract with the Ministry of the Armed Forces

Atos wins a contract in the Netherlands

(AOF) – Orange Cyberdefense, leader in cybersecurity services in Europe, and CS Group, a major player in the design, integration and operation of critical systems, have announced the winning of a four-year contract to ensure the security of information and communication systems for the Ministry of the Armed Forces. Amount of this contract, awarded by … Read more

Metavers: a first major exploratory report

© irissca – 10 proposals around the Metaverse. This is the result of the exploratory report submitted today to Rima Abdul Malak, Minister of Culture, and Jean-Noël Barrot, Minister Delegate in charge of the Digital Transition and Telecommunications. Goals ? Give keys to understanding to clarify the debate, seize opportunities emerging, better understand the … Read more

AION Labs in Rehovot. The major challenges of the pharmaceutical industry.

Developing climate expertise using dynamic meteorological data

An Israeli biotech innovation lab, set up last year and backed by top pharma like Pfizer and Merck, has created a new start-up tasked with using artificial intelligence (AI) to assess the effectiveness of drugs in pre-clinical trials and thus improve the chances of success in later stages. The startup, OMEC. AI, is the first … Read more

MEDIPATH: a major player in cancer screening, carrying an innovative and committed vision

MEDIPATH a major player in cancer screening carrying an innovative

In France, 3.8 million people suffer from cancer with nearly 400,000 new cases each year. Cancer screening and diagnosis assistance represent a major public health issue. MEDIPATH, a committed player for 20 years, relies on and invests in innovative tools, including Artificial Intelligence, to carry out this mission and offer better patient care. Designed and … Read more

China’s First Metaverse Major Was Established at Jiangsu University to Train More Talents Based on the Needs of Related Sectors – China Direct

Les Biais De LIA Peuvent ils etre Surveilles En Interne

A visitor interacts with virtual figure Banzhao during the World Metaverse Conference 2022. Photo: CI China’s first Metaverse major was established at a university in East China’s Jiangsu province in the hope of nurturing more talent based on business needs in Metaverse-related industries. The School of Artificial Intelligence (School of Future Technology) at Nanjing University … Read more

Experts say AI could one day trigger a major nuclear disaster

Airbus believed in us and that is a game changer

⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after ad) The last decade has been marked by incredible advances in technologies based on artificial intelligence (AI). In particular, they are now so advanced that they can be used in a wide variety of fields such as medicine, art, security management, management, etc. However, certain … Read more

New major strategic partnership between and Aniti

New major strategic partnership between Confianceai and Aniti, collective of 13 partners major French industrialists and academics, has just teamed up with Aniti as part of an agreement on the development of trusted AI solutions. The two entities had already had a first agreement in 2021, relating to robustness and fairness in the field of artificial intelligence. France 2030 at the heart … Read more

Major transformation to catch up with Ontario

Property tax Data centers are mobilizing

You know François Legault’s hobby, his ultimate goal, which is for Quebec to catch up with Ontario’s standard of living. Posted September 9 However, to achieve this, we would have to transform our economy and make difficult decisions, according to a report by the consulting firm McKinsey, commissioned by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation. … Read more is accelerating its development to strengthen its position as a major European player in industrial Artificial Intelligence

Fieldboxai is accelerating its development to strengthen its position as

Founded in 2011 in Bordeaux by industrial data specialists Aymeric Préveral-Etcheverry, Antoine Trihoreau and Peter von Campe, is an industrial AI designer-operator that builds custom data and AI algorithms and applications, then supports their day-to-day operation and maintenance to ensure they operate reliably over the long term and anywhere in the world. accelerates … Read more