Stonal: cornerstone of asset management

By setting up a digital model, born from the centralization of the data of its clients’ assets and the use of artificial intelligence, Stonal is developing a tool that combines compliance with environmental objectives and improved performance. Stonal, the world is Stonal Founded by Michel Tolila and Jean-Maurice Oudot under the name of FoncièreNumérique, Stonal … Read more

Verizon Connect: Enterprise Fleet Management Software

Verizon Connect Enterprise Fleet Management Software

Verizon Connect offers businesses GPS fleet management software that helps limit fuel consumption through better control of journeys made and the promotion of eco-driving. A software that can also be configured in a tailor-made way according to the needs of each company. Whereas in France, the fuel cost has been growing steadily for several months, … Read more

INTERVIEW. Water management: “If we do nothing, it will be much worse afterwards” analyze researchers from the Ecole des Mines d’Albi

the essential Xavier Lorca is director of the industrial engineering center at the Ecole des Mines d’Albi, IMT, which is organizing a symposium on June 29 on what artificial intelligence can bring to meet the water challenges of tomorrow. The round table “Climate and environment, anticipate and act!” promises to be lively. What is artificial … Read more

Microsoft, Meta and Google: an alliance including AI for better data center management –

Microsoft Meta and Google an alliance including AI for better

Meta is convinced of one thing: the occupational safety of data center personnel must be constantly studied. Research suspects solutions based on the benefits of Artificial Intelligence. Within data centers, regular maintenance of equipment is never without risk for personnel. Between emergency situations, exposure to products harmful to health and work accidents, everything is possible. … Read more

Great: traffic management of the Israeli coastal highway driven by artificial intelligence.

Rekor Systems, a global AI technology company whose mission is to build safer, smarter and more efficient cities around the world through intelligent infrastructure, has just announced its joint program launched by Netivei Israel, Israel’s national transport infrastructure company, in collaboration with the Israel Living Lab Consortium and the Israel Innovation Authority. The program designates … Read more

Claims management: a valuable decision-making aid

Shift Technology supports insurers in managing their claims management process end-to-end, from declaration to payment. Also available in modules, the solution consists of Claims Intake Decisions and Claims Document Decisions, two complementary decision support tools to optimize and automate claims reporting and management. Claims Intake Decisions in a nutshellThis is a solution designed with insurers … Read more

Maran Tankers Management (MTM) to use Orca AI collision avoidance platform

Computer vision start-up Orca AI, which has developed an automated situational awareness platform for safe maritime navigation, has partnered with Maran Tankers Management (MTM) to equip the latter’s tankers with its technology AI and thus allow crews to make the right decisions to avoid collisions. Nearly 4,000 maritime accidents occur each year largely due to … Read more

The identity management market estimated at a value of $13M

Clear Skye® Inc announces the results of its entire first identity management survey, exploring the state of identity governance and security in the enterprise. Conducted in partnership with research firm Gradient Flow, the survey interviewed more than 500 stakeholders from various industries, the majority of whom (62%) hold information technology (IT) roles. The results shed … Read more

5G: Qualcomm acquires network management specialist Cellwize

5G Qualcomm acquires network management specialist Cellwize

Qualcomm wants to remember the good memories of radio access network managers. To do this, the American giant has just acquired Cellwize, with the aim of enriching its portfolio of products dedicated to 5G radio access networks and network infrastructure. The chipmaker announced this operation on Monday, the amount of which was not disclosed. This … Read more

Trust Payments Partners with Feedzai to Strengthen Risk Management Offerings

Using Feedzai, a key market leader in global trade protection, Trust Payments customers will benefit from an advanced cloud-based risk management platform powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. Feedzai’s RiskOps addresses key industry challenges by delivering seamless solutions in the areas of identity, real-time data, and collaboration across the customer lifecycle, while increasing productivity … Read more