IGN maps the impact of human activity on landscapes

IGN maps the impact of human activity on landscapes

Mapping the Anthropocene ​, this is the new challenge that the National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information, well known to the general public under the three letters that make its mark: IGN. The former National Geographic Institute, a public establishment of an administrative nature created in 1940, has been producing road, forest, staff and … Read more

Google Maps becomes a tourist guide with new features

Non lintelligence artificielle de Google nest pas

Google Maps has long been a must-have app when going on a trip or finding yourself in an unfamiliar city. But it risks becoming more so. On Thursday, September 22, Google detailed the new features of its GPS tool, reports Phonandroid. And three of them are already highly anticipated. The first responds to the name … Read more

Google Maps: discover the features that will soon revolutionize the application

Google Maps discover the features that will soon revolutionize the

On September 22, Google held its Search On conference which has long focused on upcoming Google Maps features. Among them, we find the very impressive Immersive View, which allows you to consult a place remotely to collect a lot of information. We summarize everything you need to remember from the presentation. Last May, at its … Read more

Waze, Google Maps: GPS apps in the government’s sights

E commerce is the key to unlocking Africas economic potential

Soon, in your smartphone: apps such as Waze or Google Maps will suggest that you drive more slowly, or take the bike! Whether you use Waze, Google Maps or Apple Maps, your navigation app will soon change. Indeed, the government has decided to impose a wide range of measures which will soon have to be … Read more

Google has a different mapping system than Maps, and you don’t know about it

Google has a different mapping system than Maps and you

News hardware Google has a different mapping system than Maps, and you don’t know about it Published on 06/18/2022 at 19:15 Dynamic World is a powerful satellite imagery tool that Google reserves for scientists and professionals. It displays the state of soils around the world with an accuracy of 10 meters. If Google Maps is … Read more

Immersive views increasingly available in Google Maps

More immersive and intuitive maps On the occasion of the Google I / O conference, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google announced new features of Google Maps, such as the arrival of immersive views of our environment, or also, topical question how to find the most fuel-efficient route and to use the “Live View” feature … Read more

Google Maps presents Immersive View, a mix of Earth and Street View

Google Maps presents Immersive View a mix of Earth and

This Wednesday, May 11, was held the Google I / O developer conference, during which the Mountain View company presented several new features on several of these products, including a new immersive mode in Google Maps. Discover a place before setting foot there Over the years, Google Maps has transformed to become much more than … Read more

Google I/O 2022: Search, Maps, Translate, Meet, YouTube, all the news – CNET France

Google IO 2022 Search Maps Translate Meet YouTube all the

Before discussing Android 13 and perhaps the Pixel 6a or the Pixel Watch, Google unveiled new features for Maps, YouTube, Meet, Search and many other services. A massive update for Google Translate Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, indicated that Google is now using artificial intelligence to facilitate translation. The company adds 24 new languages ​​to … Read more