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14th General Assembly of the Rectors Conference of the Middle

The Conference of Rectors of the Middle East Region (CONFREMO) held its 14th General assembly on November 17, 2022, at La Sagesse University in Beirut. Co-organized by the Agence Universitaire de la Francophoniethis meeting, which brought together about fifty participants, allowed fruitful exchanges between the leaders of the member establishments and a reflection on the … Read more

Nearly half of French people know their ex-partner’s social media password

Nearly half of French people know their ex partners social media

Avast, a global specialist in online security and privacy solutions, today unveiled a study focusing on the digital aspect of a break-up. The study reveals that couples are generally used to sharing the passwords of their devices and various online accounts, as well as access to the places that each frequents. (Study carried out from … Read more

Ecological Crises: How Social Media Could Save Lives – Tell Them!

Ecological Crises How Social Media Could Save Lives Tell

In the event of a flood, we no longer call the fire brigade, we send a tweet! Social networks are, of course, the place of emotion, the most intense propaganda and the most malignant fake news, but also that of crucial instantaneous information. CNRS researchers in Toulouse and Paris have developed unique software in France … Read more

Tesla is hosting an Artificial Intelligence Day on September 30 to showcase the latest technologies. – Media Patrollers

DeToxigen and AdaTest Microsofts new tools for more reliable language

When it comes to the latest technological advancements, Tesla usually grabs the headlines. From AI to self-driving robots to self-driving cars, it seems there’s nothing cutting-edge Elon Musk’s company isn’t working on. And to showcase all the latest, Tesla is hosting its annual AI Day event. Tesla’s event, dubbed AI Day: Part II, will take … Read more

[Dossier du Social Media Club] E-reputation, competitive intelligence, strategic intelligence… how to optimize monitoring on social networks? – mind Media

Dossier du Social Media Club E reputation competitive intelligence strategic

“Within companies, monitoring is a very old subject “recalls Daniel Lemin, Social Media Manager – Vinci Group. In a broad sense, strategic intelligence covered many dimensions: commercial, competitive, creative, environmental, financial, legal, media, regulatory, societal, technological, etc. Today, all these watches persist and co-exist but do they come together, are they inter-operated, is there loss … Read more

Media: the president of ARCOM visits the Pyrénées Orientales

Media the president of ARCOM visits the Pyrenees Orientales

Roch-Olivier Maistre, President of Arcom was in the studios of France Bleu Roussillon this Friday, December 02. An essential first visit for him: “The particularity of our institution is to be present in all regions. We are the interlocutor of all the local media, and in particular the radio, since we are lucky in France … Read more

Media. Illustrators soon to be (de)erased by artificial intelligence?

DeToxigen and AdaTest Microsofts new tools for more reliable language

On August 9, the American magazine The Atlantic published an article like the others, or almost. It was his illustration that caught the attention of some readers: under the drawing, the legend indicated “AI art by Midjourney”, or “Illustration made by artificial intelligence with Midjourney”. Recently launched, the artificial intelligence (AI) platform Midjourney creates drawings … Read more

Media and Journalists Call on Trudeau to Take Action Against Harassment

Turgis Gaillard Groupe developing innovative aeronautical systems

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau welcomes the open letter from journalists and media urging action to address threats, harassment and intimidation of members of the press. On the same day that the issue of threats against politicians is in the forefront of the news, nearly 50 media and journalists’ associations released an open letter Thursday asking … Read more

The media at the heart of the G5 in China – By Abdelghani Aouifia

2022 Strategic Foresight Report ensuring the coupling of green and

By Abdelghani AOUIFIA (MAP correspondent in Beijing) Beijing – 5G continues to achieve unparalleled feats in China affecting all aspects of life in this most populous country in the world. The media, a sector at the heart of the transformations that the country is experiencing, is not to be outdone, professionals being more than ever … Read more