Meero: photography in low cost mode in a devastated area

Cryptos for an iris scan the controversial Worldcoin

Meero got off on the wrong foot. In terms of reputation, of course. Because on the financing side, the start-up has blown up the thermometer by raising a total of 293 million dollars since its creation in 2017. Its last fundraising, in 2020, propelled it to the firmament of unicorns (valued at more than one … Read more

FOCUS UNICORN | Meero at the service of image hunters – Forbes France

Each week, discover a French Tech unicorn, its figures and its development prospects. Forbes France offers you an inventory of the various tricolor nuggets valued at more than one billion. Founded in 2016 by Thomas Rebaud and Guillaume Lestrade, Meero is a Parisian agency that delivers “24 hours flat” photos and videos taken around the … Read more