Yann Le Cun (Meta): “Artificial intelligence will not be able to function without emotions”

Yann Le Cun, 62, has been director of artificial intelligence research at Meta (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, etc.) since 2013. The Frenchman was awarded the Turing Prize in 2019, the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in Mathematics, with his colleagues Yoshua Bengio and Geoffrey Hinton, for his work on deep learning (deep learning). What vision … Read more

Microsoft, Meta and Google: an alliance including AI for better data center management – LeBigData.fr

Microsoft Meta and Google an alliance including AI for better

Meta is convinced of one thing: the occupational safety of data center personnel must be constantly studied. Research suspects solutions based on the benefits of Artificial Intelligence. Within data centers, regular maintenance of equipment is never without risk for personnel. Between emergency situations, exposure to products harmful to health and work accidents, everything is possible. … Read more

Meta will reorganize its division responsible for artificial intelligence

Meta will reorganize its division responsible for artificial intelligence

Meta revealed on June 2 the departure of one of its executives in charge of artificial intelligence (AI) and the restructuring of the teams in this area. This announcement comes just one day after the resignation of Sheryl Sandberg, one of Mark Zuckerberg’s most loyal collaborators. Complete restructuring for the IA branch of Meta Jérôme … Read more

Meta AI unveils AI technology to improve moderation on Facebook and Instagram

Meta AI unveils AI technology to improve moderation on Facebook

Harmful content evolves very quickly, so AI systems need to keep up with this evolution in parallel. For this, the AI ​​must learn what it is looking for, it takes many months to collect and label the thousands, if not millions, of examples needed to train each AI system to spot a new … Read more

Researchers from Meta AI and the University of Twente have developed MyoSuite, an AI platform that unifies neural and motor intelligence

On May 23, Mark Zuckerberg announced that researchers from Meta’s AI Research Lab and the Neuromechanical Modeling and Engineering Lab at the University of Twente in the Netherlands, led by Professor Massimo Sartori, had collaborated the development of an open source framework called “MyoSuite”, which combines advanced musculoskeletal models with advanced AI. MyoSuite’s AI-powered digital … Read more

Meta launches the Spark AR global challenge for the first time in the United Arab Emirates | Tunisia Grandstand

Tunisia Tribune (Meta) – Meta, in collaboration with the UAE National Coders Program and the Museum of the Future, today announced the launch of the first Spark AR Global Challenge around the theme “Tomorrow now – what will the next decade bring us? “. The challenge will encourage creators to visualize the impact of technology … Read more

Artificial Intelligence: Meta has built a massive new AI language – and is giving it away for free

Artificial Intelligence Meta has built a massive new AI language

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn “It’s a great initiative,” says Thomas Wolf, chief scientist at Hugging Face, the AI ​​startup behind BigScience, a project in which more than 1,000 volunteers from around the world collaborate on a language model. in free access. “The more open models there are, the better,” he adds. Big language models … Read more

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Meta can build its data centers with low-carbon concrete

In 2018, Meta committed to minimizing its environmental footprint and is aiming for net zero emissions for its value chain by 2030. However, it plans to build eight data centers. To reduce the carbon emissions that this will generate, the META team, with the help of Lav Varshney and Nishant Garg from the University of … Read more

Meta (Facebook) is still tormented by Apple’s anti-tracking measures

Meta Facebook is still tormented by Apples anti tracking measures

Meta has experienced exceptional growth over the past two years. But the year 2022 is off to a bad start for Mark Zuckerberg’s company. In April, the group presented its financial results for the first quarter. And these were not good. Indeed, the company’s profits fell 21%, while revenue, at $27.9 billion, grew only 7% … Read more