The new metaverse and the great inversion, what vision for 2030?

The new metaverse and the great inversion what vision for

Until then focused on the consumer, the most important opportunities will come from another variation of this virtual environment: the industrial and corporate metaverse. Businesses are constantly looking for ways to boost their productivity, efficiency and resilience and digitalization has become an essential tool to achieve this. The pandemic has allowed them to accelerate their … Read more

Augmented and mixed reality and AI will accompany the advent of the industrial metaverse in 2023

Augmented and mixed reality and AI will accompany the advent

In 2023, companies will continue their digital transformation around, in particular, augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies. Base of metaverse industry, augmented and mixed reality and AI improve the efficiency of industries’ value chains, optimize processes and reduce production costs. Technologies that also facilitate the integration of workers, increase their productivity, their safety and their … Read more

Metaverse and personal data, a decisive issue for the future?

Airbus believed in us and that is a game changer

While mankind has produced 33 zettabytes of data in 2018this volume could reach 181 zettabytes in 2025. This increase is explained among other things by the democratization of theInternet of Things (IoT) for several years: an increase in the number of devices that can retrieve information (micro, motion sensors, heart, etc.) also allow for increased … Read more

CES 2023: New ‘metaverse’ headphones are buzzing as tech industry seeks to change the subject – CNET – ApparelGeek

How Yahoo News dominates online news in Japan

LAS VEGAS – The annual tech event known as CES returns to semi-normal status here this week, with a focus on virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, automotive technology and high-definition displays ubiquitous. But what the tech industry is looking for above all else is a much-needed jolt of disruption after an abrupt end to … Read more

Le Metaverse : Tout Comprendre (Ou Presque) Sur Ce Monde Virtuel En Plein Développement

Le Metaverse Tout Comprendre Ou Presque Sur Ce Monde

Pour des personnes « lambda », le Metaverse peut faire peur. Mais pour les développeurs de la Silicon Valley, c’est un terrain de jeu infini. Connaissez-vous le principe de ce monde virtuel ? Savez-vous comment vous pourriez en bénéficier ? Êtes-vous au courant que des entreprises mondialement connues y ont déjà recours ? Allez, nous vous expliquons … Read more

Predictions 2023: will the metaverse survive the bear market?

Predictions 2023 will the metaverse survive the bear market.webp

The metaverse dominated the news in 2021. So what is its growth forecast for 2023 after such a difficult 2022? In 2021, the metaverse media boom propelled tokens like Decentraland (MANA) and The Sandbox (SAND) to historic highs. However, investor interest only peaked when Facebook rebranded itself as Meta in October 2021. According to several … Read more

Artificial intelligence: a metaverse academy settles in the cloister of Marseille

Artificial intelligence a metaverse academy settles in the cloister of

Pioneering training in this area, which should be deployed in other French cities. A strategic issue for Meta, co-financier. The firm is the subject of many criticisms of this parallel world, which is still in its infancy. Little hands that conceptualize the parallel universes that will be worth dear tomorrow. They are between 19 and … Read more

Meta confirms that it wants to allocate 20% of its budget to the metaverse

Meta confirms that it wants to allocate 20 of its.webp

Despite the bad results financials of his metaverse, Meta announced that it would allocate 20% of its investments to the development of Reality Labs. Since the beginning of the year, employees and ex-employees surrounding the project have complained about the lack of active users on the metaverses of Meta Meta claims that 2022 will be … Read more

The metaverse in motion sickness

The metaverse in motion sickness

Posted 20 Dec. 2022 at 12:13 During my doctorate, I had the chance to spend several semesters at the University of Cincinnati in order to carry out scientific experiments under the direction of Professor Thomas Stoffregen and take his human factors courses. Stoffregen, who now officiates at the University of Minnesota, is the world’s leading … Read more

Big tech and its war of avatars to push us into the metaverse

Big tech and its war of avatars to push us

The Internet giants are launching a new “hype”, that of generative artificial intelligence. With ChatGPT or the Lensa application, AI imposes the visual culture of avatars supposed to prepare us for the metaverse. Generative artificial intelligence (AI), we did not talk about it six months ago. These are computer programs capable of producing images from … Read more