In Montpellier, a start-up is developing a test to diagnose bipolarity

In Montpellier a start up is developing a test to diagnose

A blood test that can change a life. At Grabels, north of Montpellier (Herault)the biopharmaceutical company Alcediag, a subsidiary of the French group Alcen, is developing a blood test to diagnose bipolarity. Dinah Weissmann, co-founder of the company, welcomes us to the Cap Gamma building of the Biopôle Euromédecine. Thirty young researchers and engineers of … Read more

The Metropolis strengthens its economic exchanges with its twin city Heidelberg and welcomes 4 German companies to Montpellier

From October 17 to 20, 2022, Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole hosted 4 German companies – Badische Peptide & Protéine, Nicarus, Inctec and HD Vision Systems – from the Global Health, digital, innovation and cultural and creative industries sectors . This approach follows on from the visit of a delegation of start-ups from Montpellier to Heidelberg in … Read more

Montpellier / Exploration: dive into the world of Ulysse, the LIRMM aquatic robot

Montpellier Exploration dive into the world of Ulysse the

By Gil Martin Published on 1 Oct 22 at 10:13 Metropolitan See my news Follow this media Researcher Lionel Lapierre, from the LIRMM’s underwater robotics department, leads the Explore team and poses in front of the Ulysse robot (©GM/Metropolitan) The famous Computing, Robotics and Microelectronics Laboratory of Montpellier (the LIRMM) celebrates its 30th anniversary. Mecca … Read more

France Blue Herault. AI-Stroke, a Montpellier company develops software to quickly detect strokes – ToulÉco

Comment lapprentissage automatique peut accelerer les solutions aux defis de

People who have suffered a CVA (cerebrovascular accident) are often taken care of late because of a lack of knowledge of the symptoms. The Montpellier company AI-Stroke is developing software that uses artificial intelligence to detect strokes quickly. The project is in its development phase and should be used by firefighters by the end of … Read more