Inspired by fireflies, researchers are creating insect-scale robots that can emit light as they fly, enabling movement tracking and communication

The fireflies that light up dark backyards on warm summer evenings use their luminescence to communicate – to attract a mate, ward off predators or attract prey. These twinkling insects also sparked inspiration from MIT scientists. Inspired by nature, they built light-emitting flexible artificial muscles for insect-scale flying robots. The tiny artificial muscles that control … Read more

Lateral movement: when the cyber-attack is not frontal

Lateral movement when the cyber attack is not frontal

According to IDC, 57% of European organizations experienced a ransomware attack that blocked access to their systems in 2021. Reason enough to make detecting and stopping cyberattacks a top priority for everyone. The ability to quickly and reliably detect lateral movements within the network is one of the most important issues in information security. Lateral … Read more

How the Brain Interprets Movement in Motion Psychology and Psychiatry News

Imagine you are sitting on a train. You look out the window and see another train on an adjacent track that seems to be moving. But, did your train stop while the other train is moving, or are you moving while the other train is stationary? The same sensory experience – seeing a train – … Read more