Nancy accueille les premières assises ”droit et cybersécurité” le 4 juillet

Nancy accueille les premieres assises droit et cybersecurite le 4

Les grands acteurs académiques et professionnels de la sécurité informatique et du droit se réuniront au Centre de Congrès Prouvé de Nancy pour cet événement phare de la Grande Région. Alerte Cybersécurité – Image par Pete Linforth de Pixabay C’est un sujet d’une grande actualité. Le Loria (Laboratoire lorrain de recherche en informatique et ses … Read more

Nancy hosts the first law and cybersecurity meetings

The ducal city is hosting the first law and cybersecurity meetings on July 4th. An interdisciplinary meeting that will allow a look and reflections on the development of artificial intelligence or the field of cyberattacks, which have become one of the major concerns of the last decade. The Loria (Lorraine laboratory for research in … Read more

Nancy. What is this strange object that will be Place Stanislas on Friday July 1?

Nancy What is this strange object that will be Place

By Marine Dumeny Published on Jun 24 ’22 at 4:35 PM Lorraine News See my news Follow this media Design of the capsule imagined and voted on social networks for Urbanloop (©Urbanloop) The meeting is given at 5 p.m., place Stanislas, Friday July 1, 2022. The city of Nancy will unveil, in the center of … Read more

Cybersecurity: launch of the Cybi startup in Nancy

Cybersecurity launch of the Cybi startup in Nancy

Artificial intelligence to anticipate cyberattacks. A breakthrough technology developed by Cybi’s team of researchers and engineers was patented in 2020. The Cybi team: Abdelkader Lahmadi, Frédéric Beck, Jérôme François, Régis Lhoste, Fabian Osmond. Loria communication service credit Information systems, connected objects, industrial systems… these environments face increasingly frequent and sophisticated computer attacks. Companies are prime … Read more

Research, innovation and brains to remember: Nancy shake up!

Research innovation and brains to remember Nancy shake up

Nancy Brabois CHRU – Photo Creative Commons While the filing of files to obtain the creation of a university hospital institute is planned for November 2022, Nancy decision-makers are wondering: go there or not? After the failure in 2010 when the calls for projects falling within the framework of investments for the future and making … Read more