Looking to the future: what will be the social platforms of tomorrow? | News attic

Looking to the future what will be the social platforms

When we think about the future of social media, we often have a pessimistic, almost dystopian view. This is probably due to the fact that we care more and more about privacy issues and the social and humanitarian commitment of the corporations behind our social networks. Indeed, around the world, we talk a lot about … Read more

L’Expression: Continuous news – Creation of a national school specializing in nanotechnology in September 2023

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Abdelbaki Benziane announced, Sunday in Boumerdes, preparations underway for the creation of a national school specializing in nanotechnology, in September 2023, at the technological pole of Sidi- Abdallah (Algiers). Benziane reported in a statement on the sidelines of the opening of a national symposium on nanotechnology, organized … Read more

Artificial intelligence: opportunities and risks | News | European Parliament

Strengthen democracy Data-driven scrutiny, countering misinformation and cyber-attacks, and providing access to verified information could help strengthen democracy. AI could promote diversity and foster open-mindedness, mitigating the risk of harm during hiring based on data analysis when a candidate is chosen (for example). AI and security Experts predict that AI will be more frequently employed … Read more

Engineers design a recipe to improve any autonomous robotic system – Artificial intelligence and robotics news

Autonomous robots have come a long way since the tedious Roomba. In recent years, artificially intelligent systems have been deployed in self-driving cars, last-mile food delivery, catering services, patient screening, hospital cleaning, meal preparation, building security and warehouse packaging. Each of these robotic systems is the product of an ad hoc design process specific to … Read more

Dual Shutter Vibration Detection System Uses Ordinary Cameras To Achieve Extraordinary Results Artificial Intelligence & Robotics News

A camera system developed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University can see sound vibrations with such precision and detail that it can reconstruct the music of a single instrument in a band or orchestra. Even the most powerful and directed microphones cannot eliminate nearby sounds, ambient noise and the effect of acoustics when capturing audio. … Read more

AI, animal victims of war and wind turbines: science news – Sciences et Avenir

The scientific news of June 22, 2022 is: In high-tech: Does Google’s AI have a conscience? Even specialists fall into the trap… Google engineer Blake Lemoine claims that the LaMDA AI would be “sentient”, a word that covers the notion of “ability to perceive and feel things” or “able to use his senses.“ … Read more

Tiny fish-shaped robot ‘swims’ to pick up microplastics Artificial intelligence and robotics news

Microplastics are found almost everywhere on Earth and can be harmful to animals if ingested. But removing these tiny particles from the environment is difficult, especially when they settle in the nooks and crannies on the bottom of waterways. Now, ACS researchers Nano-letters have created a light-activated robot fish that “swims” rapidly, picking up and … Read more

Ottawa injects $443 million into the pan-Canadian AI strategy | IT Department – News

Ottawa injects 443 million into the pan Canadian AI strategy

IT World Canada – 06/23/2022 The federal government this week announced a $443 million investment in the second phase of the Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy. Speaking at Collision 2022, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry Francois-Philippe Champagne said artificial intelligence (AI) is a “key part of Ottawa’s plan to make our economy stronger than ever. … Read more

Ultraviolet data from Hubble Space Telescope fills gaps in observations Astronomy & Astrophysics News

A team led by the Southwest Research Institute has used the Hubble Space Telescope to observe Jupiter’s moon Europa at ultraviolet wavelengths, filling a ‘gap’ in the different wavelengths used to observe this world of frozen water. The team’s near-global UV maps show concentrations of sulfur dioxide on the backside of Europa. SwRI will continue … Read more

How the Brain Interprets Movement in Motion Psychology and Psychiatry News

Imagine you are sitting on a train. You look out the window and see another train on an adjacent track that seems to be moving. But, did your train stop while the other train is moving, or are you moving while the other train is stationary? The same sensory experience – seeing a train – … Read more