News from Thot Cursus (November 2022)

News from Thot Cursus November 2022

Each month, Thot Curriculum offers three articles from its news feed to École branchée readers (and even some bonuses). Here are the suggestions for the month of November: scripting your course with the pedagogy of debate-eloquence, the role of the school in student inequality, more than 20 public applications of artificial intelligence. Scripting your course … Read more

Artificial intelligence: Researchers and professionals meet – Togo Breaking News

Artificial intelligence Researchers and professionals meet Togo Breaking News

Views: 302 The University of Lomé hosted a seminar on Friday on the Information Practices of Artificial Intelligence actors. This scientific meeting was co-organized by the Unesco Chair in Emerging Practices in Technologies and Communication for Development at Bordeaux Montaigne University and the Center for Studies and Research on Organizations, Communication and Education (CEROCE). The … Read more

Using electricity to find materials that can “learn” Artificial intelligence and robotics news

Atos wins a contract in the Netherlands

Scientists used the advanced photon source to observe behavior mimicking non-living material associated with learning, paving the way for better artificial intelligence. Scientists seeking to create a new generation of supercomputers seek inspiration from the most complex and power-efficient computer ever built: the human brain. In some of their early forays into building brain-inspired computers, … Read more

Transparent window covering could cool buildings without using energy News Physics and Quantum Computing

Enquete 2023 Les tendances CX vues par les editeurs

As climate change intensifies summer heat, the demand for technologies to cool buildings increases. Now researchers report in ACS Energy Letters that they used advanced computer technology and artificial intelligence to design a transparent window covering that could lower the temperature inside buildings, without expending a single watt of energy. Studies have estimated that cooling … Read more

Atos on the rise: finally good news on the operational level

How Yahoo News dominates online news in Japan

(AOF) – The Atos share (+9.50% to 9.958 euros) is competing with OVHcloud for first place in the SBF 120 index after indicating that it is now aiming for annual growth in the upper half of its range. Goals. The specialist in digital transformation and high performance computing is counting on an evolution of its … Read more

New technologies, allies of primary care physicians for rapid dementia screening – Benin News

New technologies allies of primary care physicians for rapid dementia

PARIS, Oct. 20 (EUROPA PRESS) – Alberto Freire Pérez, primary care physician and coordinator of the Spanish Society of General and Family Physicians (SEMG) neurology working group, pointed out that primary care physicians now have time to screen patients suspected of dementia thanks to new technologies. This is what he said during the webinar “The … Read more

Activision wants an AI to customize the soundtrack of a multiplayer game based on how the game is progressing. – Benin News

Airbus believed in us and that is a game changer

PARIS, Oct. 18 (Benin News / EP) – Activision is working on a new system for creating artificial intelligence (AI) soundtracks for games such as Call of Duty, which would adapt the music to the image of the user. game circumstances and moods of game characters. This technology is known as “Systems and Methods for … Read more

Technology has changed the way art is created and consumed. Is this a good thing? – News 24

Technology has changed the way art is created and consumed

From the outside, recent years have seen an unbroken series of revolutions in the art world. Since gaining widespread notoriety early last year, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have cost tens of millions of dollars for digital artwork. But critics paint them as a basically worthless rip-off that offers nothing substantial to patrons of the arts, and … Read more