First Mover Asia: Chipmaker Nvidia Is Not An Ether Proxy, Bitcoin Holds Nearly $21,000 | Cryptocurrency

First Mover Asia Chipmaker Nvidia Is Not An Ether

Crypto mining helped Nvidia’s bottom line, but it wasn’t a major cause for the stock’s sharp decline. Ether drops but hovers around $1,200. Hello. Here is what happens: Price: Bitcoin falls but remains well above $20,000. The other major cryptos are in the red. Insights: Crypto helped Nvidia’s bottom line, but that wasn’t a major … Read more

Fibocom and Aetina Collaborate to Bring 5G Release 16 Capabilities to NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX-Based Edge AI

Fibocom and Aetina Collaborate to Bring 5G Release 16 Capabilities

Embedded in the Fibocom FM160-EAU module, which has 3GPP Release 16 capabilities, the Aetina AN810-XNX edge AI is built on the Nvidia Jetson NX platform, to jointly bring 5G connectivity and edge AI capability to robotic applications, drones, industrial inspection, etc. SHENZHEN, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fibocom (ticker: 300638), a global leader in wireless IoT (Internet of Things) … Read more

Why Nvidia DLSS Could Solve Laptops’ Main Problem

Why Nvidia DLSS Could Solve Laptops Main Problem

If you have a laptop for gaming, do the following exercise: unplug it from the mains and start a game. It’s unplayable. Laptop manufacturers voluntarily limit the performance of their machines on battery power to avoid displaying ridiculous autonomy. This is where DLSS comes in. Cyberpunk on the Razer Blade 17 The issue around graphics … Read more

Fighting Wildfires: How NVIDIA and Lockheed Martin Work Together Against Wildfires

As part of its Silicon Valley-based lab, NVIDIA has initiated work to simulate and fight fires with NVIDIA DGX and Omniverse systems. This research aims to better understand forest fires and stop their spread. They mobilize NVIDIA and Lockheed Martin as well as the Forest Services of the United States Department of Agriculture and the … Read more

Les meilleurs analystes disent acheter des actions comme Nvidia et Marvell – News 24 | Actualités en France et à l’international

Les co-fondateurs et co-PDG de Workday Aneel Bhusri (à gauche) et Dave Duffield (au centre) applaudissent la première transaction de leur entreprise après leur introduction en bourse à la Bourse de New York le 12 octobre 2012. Brendan McDermid | Reuter La dernière semaine de mai nous a un peu rassurés avec un rallye de … Read more

SiPearl collaborates with NVIDIA on high performance computing (HPC)

SiPearl collaborates with NVIDIA on high performance computing HPC

“A strategic collaboration agreement with NVIDIA for joint technical and commercial developments”. SiPearl and NVIDIA announce their collaboration to provide “a joint offering combining SiPearl’s dedicated high-performance computing (HPC) microprocessors with NVIDIA’s portfolio of accelerated computing and networking solutions”. Credit: SiPearl Remember that SiPearl is the company that designs the microprocessor for European exascale supercomputers. … Read more

QCT announces the use of NVIDIA Grace CPU superchips for supercomputing and artificial intelligence applications

Revolutionary processor design on new servers matches diverse data center needs TAIPEI, Taiwan, May 24, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT), the global provider of data center solutions, today announced new servers to support superchips Grace™ CPU and Grace™ Hopper™ from NVIDIA. QCT incorporates NVIDIA’s Grace™ CPU and aims for maximum performance, memory bandwidth, power efficiency, … Read more

China and Russia will cost Nvidia millions

May 26, 2022 Today at 14:00 Nvidia’s outlook for the second quarter disappointed Wall Street expectations. The company fears supply chain problems in particular. War in Ukraine, lockdowns in China and high inflation. So many factors that will penalize Nvidia’s results , in the very near future. The world’s largest graphics card and AI chip … Read more

Les modules 5G de Quectel permettent une connectivit de nouvelle gnration alimente par le processeur NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin

Class dans : Science et technologie SHANGHAI, 25 mai 2022 /CNW/ – Quectel Wireless Solutions, fournisseur mondial de solutions IdO annonce aujourd’hui que la socit travaille avec NVIDIA pour intgrer ses modules IdO5Gavec le NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin, la plateforme informatique d’intelligence artificielle la plus puissante, la plus compacte et la plus conome en nergie … Read more

ASML, Nvidia à privilégier dans les semi-conducteurs

Au milieu de la volatilité récente des marchés boursiers, plusieurs fabricants de semi-conducteurs ou d’équipementiers pour l’industrie ont considérablement chuté et semblent désormais attrayants par rapport à nos estimations de juste valeur. Malgré la pénurie continue de puces, nous pensons que les investisseurs s’inquiètent à juste titre du ralentissement de la demande sur les grands … Read more