Artificial intelligence: in Occitania, an unprecedented general public consultation – La Gazette Ariégeoise

Les Biais De LIA Peuvent ils etre Surveilles En Interne

As part of their knowledge dissemination strategy related to artificial intelligence (AI), ANITI (the institute interdisciplinary of artificial intelligence From toulouse) and Ekitia have designed a regional survey in order to survey the inhabitants of Occitania on their relationship to AI, presented this Thursday, September 22. “The results of this consultation will make it possible … Read more

Artificial intelligence at the heart of a vast citizen consultation in Occitania


“If we achieve our goals, it will be the most important citizen consultation on artificial intelligence ever carried out in France.“, displays Olivier Auradou, the director of Ékitia, the future public interest group (GIP) which advocates an ethical data economy based in Toulouse. Inhabitants of Occitanie, young and old, digital professionals or no… all without … Read more

How does Simplon manage to make digital more inclusive in Occitania? – ToulEco

Simplon allows people who are out of work, as well as those in professional retraining, to train in digital professions completely free of charge. 20,000 learners have already been trained in the school in almost nine years. Present throughout Occitania, the school has two main locations, in Toulouse and Montpellier. “Our programs are deployed with … Read more