Eurosatory 2022: PHOBOS, a new card to play in robotics for SERA Ingénierie – FOB – Forces Operations Blog

Eurosatory 2022 PHOBOS a new card to play in robotics

After a first foray into military robotics thanks to the ROBBOX mule, SERA Ingénierie is trying its luck again with the PHOBOS robot. Unveiled last week at Eurosatory, it was able to face the field during the CoHoMa challenge organized at the end of May by the Battle Lab Terre. SERA Engineering is ” mostly … Read more

IT Operations Management: The Art of Simplicity

IT Operations Management The Art of Simplicity

Not everything that is disruptive is necessarily positive, especially in the areas of IT and services. As technology adoption has accelerated in 2020 that no one could have predicted, so has demand for IT service management (ITSM) and IT operations (ITOM). The ITOM, in particular, is bearing the brunt of this technological explosion. The volume … Read more

Automation technologies will transform operations

Automation technologies will transform operations

Technologies April 08, 2022 The Pegasystems study highlights the growing place of automation technologies in operational functions, without however replacing the human. A study by Pegasystems on operational functions shows that the use of automation will become widespread in order to maintain efficiency. AdvertisingOperational teams play a key role in the execution of business projects, … Read more