Opinion: These five tech stocks offer investors a better reward for their risk – CNET

Opinion These five tech stocks offer investors a better reward

The tech sector’s earnings season is coming to an end. It’s been a mixed bag. Slowing economic growth and rising interest rates dampened revenues. Some of the biggest names in tech have failed, leading to rare sales. Meta META,-0.74%,AmazonAMZN,-0.76%and GOOG Alphabet,-1.23%come to mind. While high-flying tech companies may see their growth suspended, it will likely … Read more

opinion | Empty road transport, the other ecological disaster

opinion Empty road transport the other ecological disaster

Posted Nov 18, 2022, 2:03 PM While the “ghost flights” that roam the skies have recently been rightly the subject of an environmental scandal and economical, another type of highly problematic empty transport is also showing up on our roads every day, further from the spotlight. You are driving on the highway. Every two kilometers … Read more

Will artificial intelligence be beneficial by 2030? The opinion of 1000 experts

Will artificial intelligence be beneficial by 2030 The opinion of

metamorworks via Getty Images 63% of artificial intelligence experts surveyed believe this technology will improve our lives by 2030. metamorworks via Getty Images SCIENCE – What will the world look like in 2030? It is always dangerous to try to imagine the future. But it is a necessary exercise to better understand the present, especially … Read more

Opinion – Artificial Intelligence Act: the challenge of regulating AI in insurance

Artificial intelligence a lever of profitability too often untapped by

The proliferation of these AI systems creates new risks to be mitigated, particularly in a sector as delicate as that of insurance where the personal data of consumers is both key and confidential. Associated with constant progress in terms of algorithms and data management, AI today carries a major legal challenge. What regulatory framework for … Read more

Artificial intelligence: the opinion of the CNIL and its counterparts on the future European regulation

Huawei Meets With DWTC GM To Discuss GITEX

The CNIL and its European counterparts welcome the European Commission proposal aimed at establishing harmonized rules on artificial intelligence in order to preserve individual freedoms. While this is likely to change significantly further, depending on the amendments to the text made by Parliament or the European Council, the European protection authorities have deemed it essential … Read more

Fight against the financing of terrorism: more than ever! Yani Hadar’s compliance column – Opinion Internationale

Fight against the financing of terrorism more than ever Yani

The trial of the November 13 attacks is entering its home stretch. Understanding the financing of terrorism is therefore essential. For about twenty years and the beginning of the implementation of the fight against jihad launched by the former President of the United States, Georges W. Bush Jr, the appearance of low-cost terrorism is a … Read more

Opinion: Delivery drones, robotaxis, even insurance — the wildly hyped dreams of AI startups are giving tech investors nightmares – CNET

Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes was a persuasive promoter. She convinced many presumedly intelligent people that Theranos had developed technology that could take a few drops of blood from a finger prick to test for a myriad of diseases. The Theranos hype turned out to be just another dot on Silicon Valley’s “Fake-it-Till-You-Make-it” BS spectrum. Last … Read more

opinion | Mobility and artificial intelligence: do not fall into the trap of continuity innovation

In France, from July 14, 2022, drivers will be allowed, under certain strict conditions, to activate level 3 autonomous driving software, allowing them to drive without hands. This amendment bears witness to the advances in artificial intelligence solutions applied to mobility, which still come up against a technological wall despite everything, particularly in securing interactions … Read more

Has the French government learned the lessons of the pandemic? Patrick Pilcer’s chronicle – Opinion Internationale

Has the French government learned the lessons of the pandemic

Patrick Pilcer To ask the question is unfortunately to answer it! What were the main expectations of the French in the Covid crisis? To be and to feel protected, to suffer from less administration and not more but from a better state, to preserve purchasing power. It is clear that the new government does not … Read more