Improve the quality of care and the patient experience with a “smart” Wi-Fi network

It is no longer a secret to anyone: the Wi-Fi network has become a key element for healthcare organizations seeking to achieve their objectives in terms of quality of care, efficiency and patient safety. Much more than a convenience, this wireless connectivity has become fundamental for managing the mobility of people and equipment, but also … Read more

Synapse Platform: an innovative and modular platform to secure the patient care pathway

Artificial intelligence algorithms for decision support and therapy how should

Synapse Medicine, MONDAY 06 JUNE 2022 Originally each year of 10,000 to 30,000 deaths(1) and 85,000 to 180,000 hospitalizations(2) in France, iatrogenic medication represents a real public health problem. However, 50% of these hospitalizations¹ and 1.2 billion €/year of additional costs related to adverse drug effects² are avoidable. Hence the mission of Synapse Medicine, a … Read more

Vascular surgery: artificial intelligence to improve patient follow-up

Vascular surgery artificial intelligence to improve patient follow up

The Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Department of La Timone Hospital, headed by Pr Michel Alain BARTOLI, recently entered into a partnership with INCEPTO for the development of ARVA, a solution to help monitor endoprostheses based on artificial intelligence. For several years now, artificial intelligence has opened up vast fields of research in all medical fields, … Read more

Using AI to safely detect cancer from patient data – Artificial intelligence and robotics news

A new way to use artificial intelligence to predict cancer from patient data without putting personal information at risk has been developed by a team including medical scientists from the University of Leeds. Artificial intelligence (AI) can analyze large amounts of data, such as images or test results, and can identify patterns often undetectable by … Read more

Mayo Clinic assesses Google’s AI tool as it seeks more information from patient records

1650237331 Mayo Clinic assesses Googles AI tool as it seeks more

Mayo Clinic said it was evaluating a Google Cloud product that uses artificial intelligence to better track and analyze language information in patients’ electronic health records, such as doctor’s notes. This technology, known as natural language processinghas made progress in recent years, experts say, although it remains in its infancy. cloud unit is one of … Read more