Artificial intelligence in agriculture: for the collection of precise and valuable data – La Nouvelle Union et L’Avenir de l’Érable

Artificial intelligence in agriculture for the collection of precise and

Updata, a company based in Victoriaville, carries out artificial intelligence (AI) projects in various fields. Among them, agriculture where technological advances make it possible to go further by collecting extremely precise data, in order to improve the performance of the farm and help in decision-making. André Baillargeon, business development manager, and Maor Zaltzhendler, CEO of … Read more

Precise Image and Precise Position, a tandem for routine low dose without compromising on image quality

Precise Image and Precise Position a tandem for routine low

The Philips Incisive CT scanner embeds with CT SmartWorkflow a number of features involving artificial intelligence to, among other things, simplify patient set-up, improve image quality and significantly reduce patient irradiation. We met Dr. Jean Goupil, Hospital Radiologist Practitioner and Dr. Joël Greffier, Physicist, both working at the University Hospital of Nîmes where a modality … Read more

A very precise model uses factors in all biopsychosocial domains – Psychology and Psychiatry News

A very precise model uses factors in all biopsychosocial domains

Conduct disorder (CD) is a common but complex psychiatric disorder characterized by aggressive and destructive behavior. Factors contributing to the development of CD span biological, psychological and social domains. Researchers have identified a myriad of risk factors that could help predict CD, but they are often considered in isolation. Now, a new study uses a … Read more