Donecle is preparing to raise 3 to 5 million euros to expand its drone inspection offer

2022 Strategic Foresight Report ensuring the coupling of green and

It is a time-consuming and very unprofitable activity for the airlines. The Toulouse startup Donecle has been developing since 2015 the automation of the visual inspection of aircraft using drones and last year became the first company in the world to receive the qualification from Airbus to carry out this type of operation. One or … Read more

In view of the new regulations on AI, the Cnil is preparing to audit the algorithms

In view of the new regulations on AI the Cnil

Presented in April 2021, the draft European regulation on artificial intelligence foresees that “high risk” systems – such as facial recognition devices – will have to undergo audits in order to be marketed within the single market. . The objective is to verify that they comply with the regulations in force (principle of non-discrimination, respect … Read more

Google Messages is preparing 3 important new features that will make your life easier

Google Messages is preparing 3 important new features that will

According to the findings of 9to5Google, the messaging application Google Messages is about to welcome a whole slew of new features. Among them, the possibility of transcribing a received voice message. On Android, Google Messages is one of the system’s flagship applications. Everyone is free to use other platforms such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram or … Read more

With AI, the Autend project is preparing profound changes for the nuclear industry

With AI the Autend project is preparing profound changes for

Antoine Couret, founding director of the start-up Aleia, specialist in AI, and president of the Hub France IA, association for the promotion of the French and European ecosystem of artificial intelligence, discusses the place that these technologies can take for a nuclear sector which is being transformed with digital technology and which has been in … Read more

Opel is preparing a crossover, a mix of sedan and SUV that will be electric

Opel is preparing a crossover a mix of sedan and

The brand with lightning has never lived up to its name so well since it wants to go all-electric in 2028. If it has a little more than five years left to achieve this goal, the German brand is starting to already to announce the arrival of future electric models. The first of them will … Read more

Agriculture: Morocco is preparing its 4.0 revolution

Huawei Meets With DWTC GM To Discuss GITEX

Génération Green is counting on a multiplication by 1.5, or even by 2 of investments in Research & Development, for a better dissemination of innovations and the percepts of agri-tech 4.0. Morocco intends to operate a real digital revolution in its agriculture. The supervising department is indeed working on the preparation of a major digital … Read more

How is artificial intelligence preparing to fundamentally change certain professions in the automotive sector? – Techno Car

How is artificial intelligence preparing to fundamentally change certain professions

Artificial intelligence has long been a notion of science fiction. We have often come across her in the cinema or in television series, but also in novels and comic strips. Today that technological progress is being made at a barely believable pace, it is clear that artificial intelligence has become a reality and no longer … Read more

Microsoft is preparing a Windows mini for ARM

Microsoft is preparing a Windows mini for ARM

Microsoft to speed up the development of its applications under Arm. (Credit: Microsoft) In 2023, Microsoft will launch its first desktop computer from Project Volterra. Seven years ago, when it launched its first Surface Book laptop, Microsoft had surprised everyone, including his material partners. It was a flop. But unlike Microsoft’s other hardware endeavors – … Read more

Smart cameras, anti-drone fight: how is the government preparing to secure the 2024 Paris Olympics?

The Paris Olympics in 2024 but also the Rugby World Cup in the fall of 2023: France is preparing to host major global sporting events. Appointments which will obviously attract a lot of people but which already pose security questions. >> Paris 2024: ten million tickets from 24 euros … What you need to know … Read more

How smartphones are preparing for “a new era of data security”. – Benin News

PARIS, May 24 (Benin News / EP) – The Pegasus spyware, which has infected tens of thousands of mobile phones of politicians, journalists and activists around the world, and which has been revived by the cases recorded in Spain, has set off all the alarm bells. ‘alarm. The security of user data is increasingly important. … Read more