Advanced stats: Hughes and Gorton deliver on their promise

Upon their arrival, Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes said they wanted to set up an advanced statistics department at the Canadiens. They took a first step in that direction today with the hiring of Christopher Boucher as director of the advanced statistics analysis department. • Read also: NHL Draft: From Yakupov to McDavid to Power … Read more

Top 10 proofs that coding isn’t that complicated (yes, I promise) | Topito

1. They’re not called computer languages ​​for nothing Inevitably the first time we see a line of code we have no idea what it means and it’s logical: we don’t know it yet and our eyes are bleeding. To understand a language you have to learn it, like English, Russian or Marseilles. Once we got … Read more

Retail: 8 ways to keep your brand promise thanks to digital transformation

Retail 8 ways to keep your brand promise thanks to

Discover these eight recommendations for retailers to help them accelerate their digital transformation while maintaining business growth and profitability. Retailers need to adapt to changing market conditions and accelerate their digital transformation to deliver on their brand promise. While few companies in the sector claim to get concrete results from their digital strategies, here are … Read more