Quebec scientist Yoshua Bengio enters the Larousse dictionary

The scientific director of Mila, a Montreal institute for research in artificial intelligence, thus joins the approximately 300 Canadians, including some thirty personalities from Quebec whose names are part of this dictionary. Cartoonist Guy Delisle and conductor Yannick Nézet-Séguin are among the Quebec personalities who have recently made their debut there. In a video interview … Read more

Jobs of the future presented by Quebec experts

Jobs of the future presented by Quebec

Quebec is one of the world leaders in technology, and more specifically in artificial intelligence. Young people may have heard this statement before. On the other hand, they probably do not see the possibilities available to them when the time comes to make a career choice. A web series now demystifies the world of artificial … Read more

Consortium Hydrogène-Energie : Deux doctorants en cotutelle entre l’université de Québec Trois Rivières et l’université de Franche-Comté.

-Quel est votre parcours ? Etiez-vous déjà venus en France ? René Bankati : J’ai un diplôme d’ingénieur en génie électrique et un master en génie électrique. Actuellement, je fais ma troisième année de thèse en génie électrique à l’université de Franche-Comté. J’ai réalisé une partie de mon cycle d’ingénieur au Maroc puis à Toulouse, avant de partir … Read more

In the eye of Quebec inc: The CEO of Metro collects $ 3.2 million

Each week, we provide an overview of insider trading, investment in local businesses and news from listed companies. Paid options for Eric La Flèche Archive photo, Philippe Orfali The big boss of Metro, Eric La Fleche, made a gain of nearly $3.2 million by exercising stock options in the Quebec company last week. For his … Read more

The GRICS digital intelligence platform being deployed in school service centers in Quebec

In recent months, school service centers have seen the appearance of two new products linked to the Mozaïk-Data data management platform from Société GRICS. Based on artificial intelligence, these are intended to facilitate decision-making within school organizations, in particular to more quickly identify students at risk of failure or dropping out of school. Roberto Bacos … Read more

Supporting AI research projects in the creative industry: the example of the Quebec PIXEL-IA grant

The Government of Quebec wants, through artificial intelligence, to propel Quebec businesses towards the adoption of new production methods that are more efficient, more up-to-date and more competitive. As part of Partner IA, PROMPT, an industrial research sector group (RSRI) specializing in the new technologies and information technologies sector, and 24 organizations have jointly announced … Read more

In the eye of Quebec Inc.: Amilia fills its coffers to accelerate the digitization of recreational activities

Each week, we provide an overview of insider trading, investment in local businesses and news from listed companies. The Quebec company raises $30 million File photo, Francis Halin Founded by Francois Gaouette in 2009, Amilia just closed a $30 million financing round involving Investissement Québec, the Business Development Bank of Canada and a fund belonging … Read more

AI developed in Quebec very little used in the province

Quebec artificial intelligence (AI) is still struggling to get out of the labs. Although Quebec is a recognized international center for the development of technologies associated with AI, its SMEs and other organizations make very little use of them. They are missing an opportunity to increase their productivity or improve their short-term profitability. The start-up … Read more

Quebec Strategy for Research and Investment in Innovation 2022-2027

Quebec Strategy for Research and Investment in Innovation 2022 2027

More than $7.5 billion to invent, develop, market The Government of Quebec is releasing the Quebec Strategy for Research and Investment in Innovation (SQRI2) 2022-2027 – Invent, develop, market. This strategy will fuel research and support businesses with investments of more than $7.5 billion over five years to increase the prosperity of all Quebecers through … Read more

WADA renews its partnership with the Quebec Research Funds – Games Play

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the Fonds de recherche du Québec (FRQ) renewed their memorandum of understanding this week. This new agreement will provide C$2 million for anti-doping scientific research over the next five years. As they did under the previous memorandum of understanding signed in May 2018WADA and the FRQ have agreed to … Read more