ProovStation raises €10.4M to deploy the first network of AI expert stations dedicated to the resale of used vehicles

ProovStation raises E104M to deploy the first network of AI

Based in Lyon and made up of 50 employees, ProovStation is the industrial deeptech startup behind the first automotive scanner that fully automates the process of inspecting and evaluating vehicles in 3 seconds. A unique experience for motorists ProovStation manages to transform a mostly manual, subjective and time-consuming process (which can take up to 30 … Read more

Against the current of IBM, a French quantum startup raises 100 M€

Against the current of IBM a French quantum startup raises

Quantum computing may not be of one and the same form when it is democratized. We will rather talk about quantum algorithms, which will be based on different techniques. Already today, industry players are not heading in the same directions. Against a current from IBM and its superconducting quantum computers, Pasqal ago. This French startup … Read more

Mycophyto, which uses AI to enrich soil, raises 4 million euros

Mycophyto which uses AI to enrich soil raises 4 million

To understand how technology helps farmers and market gardeners through Mycophyto, you must first understand the role of mycorrhizal fungi. “These soil bacteria act as an extension of the roots of a plant to draw additional nutrients from the soil. They multiply by 1000 the exchange surface between the soil and the plant”popularizes Justine Lipuma, … Read more

Alzheimer’s disease: why this new treatment raises as much concern as it does hope

1673637450 Alzheimers disease why this new treatment raises as much concern

The drug approved by the FDA last week, known as lecanemab, is the first to show evidence of slowing cognitive decline in clinical trials. The other drug, aducanumab, was shown to clear plaque, but not halt cognitive loss. The promising results of lecanemab were clouded, however, by the deaths of three patients who were taking … Read more

What is ChatGPT, the tool that raises fears of massive cheating in school?

What is ChatGPT the tool that raises fears of massive

The ChatGPT app is turning the internet upside down. Thanks to its giant database, this artificial intelligence makes it possible to write a more or less long text from a single sentence. A new tool for cheaters at school. Anthony Morel explains to you how this application works, which may change a lot of things … Read more

The ODAPTOS startup raises half a million euros and sets foot in the United States

The ODAPTOS startup raises half a million euros and sets

LA TRIBUNE – What is the innovation carried by Odaptos (incubated at BIC Montpellier and IMT Mines Alès) ? Maximilien JOANNIDES, co-founder of Odaptos – Odaptos is a company we launched in 2020 with co-founder Felipe Restrepo. Both UX designers by training, we have developed an artificial intelligence that analyzes the emotions of testers during … Read more

Volta Medical raises €36M in Series B to support deployment of its AI software for cardiac ablation and appoints new CFO

Volta Medical raises E36M in Series B to support deployment

This new funding round led by Vensana Capital will support the deployment of the technology and continue the validation of VX1, Volta’s decision support software based on artificial intelligence (AI), which aims to improve the catheter ablation of complex cardiac arrhythmias. Successful medical device entrepreneur John Slump joins the company as Chief Financial Officer. MARSEILLE, … Read more

MedTech: Volta Medical raises 36 million euros in Series B

Drone 20 strategy creating a large scale European drone market

Artificial intelligence at the service of cardiologists Founded by three rhythmologist cardiologists and a polytechnic engineer, in 2016 in Marseille, Volta Medical aims to improve the management of cardiac arrhythmias. For this, the startup develops cutting-edge medical devices, based on artificial intelligence. The first product, VX1, is intended to assist cardiologists in operating room procedures … Read more

The French startup Sonio raises €10M for its AI in the service of health

The French startup Sonio raises E10M for its AI in

The fundraising continue to chain up for theFrench startup ecosystem. And recently, it was Sonio, a company based in Paris, which announced a fundraising of 10 million euros, with the accelerator of the European Council of Innovation, whose objective is to support SMEs. with great potential. The fact that this Parisian startup is supported by … Read more