How artificial intelligence hyper-personalizes the customer relationship

Enquete 2023 Les tendances CX vues par les editeurs

Artificial intelligence, a challenge for companies is the theme chosen for the 21st edition of the Entreprenariales exhibition which is being held on Thursday 24 November at the Allianz Riviera in Nice. “AI impacts all sectors of the company with, as results, a gain in efficiency and productivity, whether in logistics, human resources or marketing”, … Read more

Customer relationship: How AI gives meaning to data

Customer relationship How AI gives meaning to data

Applied to customer relations, artificial intelligence carries several promises, two mainly: to offer users an increasingly efficient self-service and to increase the number of contact center agents with the customer context. However, the available data useful for setting up the context are rarely used, while the cases of use are numerous. Always more data to … Read more

Occitanie region: ANITI and Ekitia launch a regional consultation on the relationship of citizens to AI

E commerce is the key to unlocking Africas economic potential

As part of its strategy for disseminating knowledge in connection with AI, the Interdisciplinary Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Toulouse (ANITI) and Ekitia (formerly Occitanie Data) launched on September 22 a citizen consultation on knowledge, the acceptability and ethical issues regarding emerging technologies related to big data and AI. Artificial intelligence is now part of … Read more

“We talk a lot about the transformation of work, there is also a real evolution in the employer-employee relationship” Marie-Pierre Fleury (Consultant in organizational and managerial innovations)

We talk a lot about the transformation of work there

During Sido, the trade show dedicated to IoT technologies, artificial intelligence and robotics, we attended a conference devoted to the organization of work which asked the question: “how to respond to the challenges of employee commitments in the remote collaboration and collective innovation? “. At the end of this conference, we spoke with one of … Read more

What future for human interaction in the customer relationship? -Forbes France

Huawei Meets With DWTC GM To Discuss GITEX

The pandemics that we have just experienced have resolutely accelerated the digital transformation of companies. They revealed new uses both among consumers, who are more inclined to interact and order remotely, and within customer services who had to quickly – often thanks to SaaS – adapt their customer journeys. While voice remains the preferred channel … Read more

IT suppliers: towards a redefinition of the relationship with IT consulting firms – Silicon

Over the past decade, marketing teams, traditional interlocutors of consulting firms, have refocused their efforts on analyst relations and abandoned programs aimed at consulting firms. The complexity and proliferation of offers on the IT market require CIOs to pay increasing attention and expertise; the exercise is all the more delicate as they have to manage … Read more

With WhatsApp, go from simple customer relationship management to proactive support

Fast, free, always accessible, combining text, sound and images, social messaging has, in just a few years, transformed the way we interact with brands. This trend has only accelerated since the pandemic pushed us to turn to digital channels for all social and professional interactions. Today, 2.77 billion people frequently use messaging apps (source eMarketer), … Read more

What aspects of the customer relationship are subject to digitization?

Also called Customer Relationship Management, the customer relationship corresponds to all the elements involving the interactions between the company and the customer. From prospecting to after-sales service, including mission management, the customer relationship involves many activities within companies. And by the variety of its forms and its channels, it is quite naturally a sector in … Read more