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Zoom on Google Universal Analytics replaced in 2023 by Google

The data model will be one of the main changes between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4, of the ten big changes the data model will be one of the most important, but the new product will also prevent spam and false data. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) in 2023 Zoom on Google, Universal Analytics replaced … Read more

Health: what if artificial intelligence replaced our shrink?

Artificial intelligence from alpha to omega

Science fiction? Not quite. In their article published by “The Conversation” last August, Vincent Martin, postdoctoral fellow at LaBRi (Bordeaux computer research laboratory) and Christophe Gauld, head of the child psychiatry clinic in Lyon, show that from the 1960s, “chatbots or chatbots… Science fiction? Not quite. In their article published by “The Conversation” last August, … Read more

Star Wars: Darth Vader replaced by an artificial intelligence

Meta confirms the launch date of its next virtual reality

Darth Vader becomes eternal thanks to artificial intelligence and the help of a Ukrainian company. Darth Vader is retiring. James Earl Jones is enjoying a well-deserved warrior’s rest after nearly half a century of lending his voice to the most iconic villain in movie history. As he bids farewell to the Sith Lord, Disney must … Read more

mediacongo.net – News – Society: has technology replaced our grandparents?

mediacongonet News Society has technology replaced our grandparents

In the old society, grandparents were considered sources of knowledge. For their wisdom and intelligence, they were the ones everyone turned to when looking for a solution to a problem. Not only that, in the case of marriages and other circumstances or ceremonies, they were the ones who gave directions. Currently, especially with the advent … Read more

DALL-E 2, is the artist about to be replaced by AI?

Charity Digital Topics Everything You Need To Know

DALL-E 2 is an overtrained algorithm capable of generating complex images from textual instructions submitted by users. With the recent opening of their beta version, a million Internet users can already give free rein to their imagination and think of themselves as budding artists. Advertised as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can “create realistic images … Read more

Psychologists soon to be replaced by Artificial Intelligence?

You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] How are mental disorders treated? In this video, Virginie Lacombe, museographer and project manager at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, describes the comprehensive care offered to patients suffering from mental disorders: medication, therapy, psychoanalysis, etc. ” Hello Sir. Please sit down. So… how have you been … Read more

Why Artificial Intelligence Hasn’t Replaced Doctors Yet

11:54 a.m., June 29, 2022 “We should stop training radiologists now. It is quite obvious that in five years, ‘deep learning’ will do better than radiologists. » Delivered in 2016 by computer scientist Geoffrey Hinton, co-recipient of the prestigious 2018 Turing Prize for his work on neural networks, the award strongly marked the collective imagination. … Read more