ProovStation raises €10.4M to deploy the first network of AI expert stations dedicated to the resale of used vehicles

ProovStation raises E104M to deploy the first network of AI

Based in Lyon and made up of 50 employees, ProovStation is the industrial deeptech startup behind the first automotive scanner that fully automates the process of inspecting and evaluating vehicles in 3 seconds. A unique experience for motorists ProovStation manages to transform a mostly manual, subjective and time-consuming process (which can take up to 30 … Read more

Deployment of a network of used vehicle resale scanners

Deployment of a network of used vehicle resale scanners

The start-up ProovStation is raising 10.4 million euros to deploy the first network in France of analysis stations – or scanners – for used vehicles using artificial intelligence and dedicated to their resale. This financing is carried out by Supernova Invest, alongside Otium Capital, via its Industry fund, and Crédit Agricole Création. An industrial pace … Read more

Second-hand resale on Le Bon Coin: must your income be declared?

This is one of the effects of the purchasing power crisis. To make ends meet, more and more French people are reselling the clothes they no longer wear, their decorative objects and even their smartphones on platforms such as Vinted, Le Bon Coin, eBay, Facebook or even Communal changing room. According to an Ipsos study … Read more