Rescue at sea: AVISIA tries to report false alerts using AI

E commerce is the key to unlocking Africas economic potential

The French coast is covered by nine regional operational centers for surveillance and rescue at sea (CROSS). Five centers protect mainland France, while two CROSS oversee interventions in Réunion and the West Indies. Two specialized centers are located in New Caledonia and Papeete. The 340 CROSS officers (maritime affairs officers, soldiers on secondment from the … Read more

Scientific inventions and innovations to the rescue of bees

Scientific inventions and innovations to the rescue of bees

As the main pollinators of the planet, bees form a fundamental link in biodiversity. They actually allow the pollination of 75% of plant species worldwide, a figure that rises to 84% in Europe. In fact, a third of our food resources depend on bees! This observation is all the more striking and worrying when we … Read more

Advance shows promise for ‘meta-bots’ designed to deliver drugs or aid rescue missions Artificial Intelligence & Robotics News

A team of UCLA engineers and their colleagues have developed a new design strategy and 3D printing technique to build robots in one step. A study describing the advancement, as well as the construction and demonstration of an assortment of tiny robots that walk, maneuver and jump, has been published in Science. This breakthrough allowed … Read more

Fire Fighting Rescue Tools Market to Rise at a Steady Rate in terms of Revenue in 2028 – Gabonflash

The research report on Global Fire Fighting Rescue Tools Market 2022 is an invaluable source of relevant information for business strategists. This Fire Fighting Rescue Tools Market analysis contains detailed information which will help you to better understand, scope and application of this report. The report will cover the current quality of the industry and … Read more

Drones fly to the rescue of animals

Technology at the service of our 30 million friends! Around the world, drones are regularly deployed to help animals: in the long term in the context of observations, or in an emergency, through rescue operations. Overview ! Fight against poaching, sublimation of biodiversity, rescue operations… So many examples proving the usefulness of the alliance between … Read more

Tired of GDPR banners and cookies? AI is coming to the rescue!

Tired of GDPR banners and cookies AI is coming to

Reading the American sources on the subject, one would almost have the impression that the cookies and personal data banners imposed on sites that wish to remain accessible in Europe under the GDPR are a real infamy. However, before going further, we must remember what was the previous situation: the American giants (among others) shamelessly … Read more

Spot the robot dog to the rescue to explore and secure the ruins of Pompeii

1649071842 Spot the robot dog to the rescue to explore and

After exploring several mines and construction sites, measuring radiation in the vicinity of the damaged Chernobyl reactor, accompanying the French army in training and even making a music video with the South Korean group BTS, Spot the robot-dog is given a new mission. Last March, the creation of the American company Boston Dynamics went for … Read more