The army to secure the 2024 Olympics? Gérald Darmanin does not dismiss it completely, as a last resort

The army to secure the 2024 Olympics Gerald Darmanin does

The Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games will not only be a great celebration of sport between nations. It is also a challenge in terms of security. For the opening ceremony planned along the Seine alone – ie outside a stadium, a first – 600,000 people are expected. The bill on the Olympics, examined since … Read more

Pseudomonas bacteria are developing resistance much faster than usual to a common ‘last resort’ antibiotic, new research finds

A study published today in Cell reports reveals how populations of a bacterium called Pseudomonas respond to treatment with Colistin, a ‘last resort’ antibiotic for patients who have developed multidrug-resistant infections. Antibiotics play a key role in human health by helping to fight bacterial infections, but bacteria can develop resistance to antibiotics that patients rely … Read more