The Pentagon’s plan to develop ‘responsible military AI’

The Pentagons plan to develop responsible military AI

A few days ago the Pentagon published a document of 47 pages to describe its strategy which consists in implement a “responsible military artificial intelligence”. The Department of Defense is looking for a way to integrate AI into the military without turning the world into a Terminator-like hellscape. China in the sights of the United … Read more

We finally know who was responsible for the Cyberpunk 2077 fiasco…

We finally know who was responsible for the Cyberpunk 2077

On the Daily program: an artificial intelligence learns to play Minecraft by watching YouTube videos. Next, we talk about Cyberpunk 2077’s disastrous launch, finally explained. We end with Netflix’s Horizon series unfolding. What if the catastrophic launch of Cyberpunk 2077 was not entirely the fault of CD Projekt? Cyberpunk 2077, the game that was expected … Read more

Human error is responsible for 90% of hacks

Human error is responsible for 90 of hacks

The first line of defense against piracy is down. This was revealed by the multinational IBM. Most cyberattacks are made possible by human error. The pandemic has served as a springboard for internet fraudsters, who have expanded their reach because working from home has exposed corporate networks to the attention of these criminals. The increase … Read more

Keys to deploying responsible AI

The accelerating adoption of artificial intelligence in business is creating new demands for ethics and accountability. Lever of value creation, this technology poses more acutely than ever questions of justice and equity, around data governance or respect for privacy. By Antoine Gourévitch, Senior Associate Director, BCGand Camille Brégé, Managing Director, BCG Gamma France Without instilling … Read more

Meta will reorganize its division responsible for artificial intelligence

Meta will reorganize its division responsible for artificial intelligence

Meta revealed on June 2 the departure of one of its executives in charge of artificial intelligence (AI) and the restructuring of the teams in this area. This announcement comes just one day after the resignation of Sheryl Sandberg, one of Mark Zuckerberg’s most loyal collaborators. Complete restructuring for the IA branch of Meta Jérôme … Read more

Cap Digital showcases responsible innovation, digital twins, audio and 5G

On the occasion of its general assembly and its annual meetings which take place Tuesday, May 31 at the Cité des sciences, Cap Digital invites its thousand member structures on the theme “Think European & Experiment Locally”. The dimension of local experimentation is a key to success in the development and deployment of innovations underlines … Read more

The Emirates promise a “responsible” use of artificial intelligence

Published on : 04/27/2022 – 22:16 Dubai (AFP) – Prime Minister of Artificial Intelligence in the world, the Emirati Omar al-Olama promises a “responsible” use of technology which, in addition to its “economic gains”, could according to him improve the “quality of life” in the rich country of the Gulf, by overcoming the fear that … Read more

The Senate pleads for the creation of an authority responsible for verifying the reliability of algorithms

What limits should be given to AI to protect fundamental

The Senate is positioning itself on the use of facial recognition. On May 11, 2022, Senators Marc-Philippe Daubresse, Arnaud de Belenet and Jérôme Durai presented a report in which they demand the creation of a European controller the reliability of facial recognition algorithms. The Senate calls for a European framework for the use of facial … Read more

“The algorithm is not responsible for the crimes of which it is accused” (Aurélie Jean)

The algorithm is not responsible for the crimes of which

Distrust of artificial intelligence – and algorithms in particular, first seems to come from the fact that citizens do not understand how the tools work… This was particularly the case for the AntiCovid application. Is that why you wished, in your previous work, On the other side of the machine*, enlighten readers and demystify algorithms? … Read more

Interview | “Circular” and responsible supply chain: what future for the supply chain?

What do you think are the priorities for supply chain managers in 2022? The health crisis has put the supply chain center stage. Between shortages, supply chains at a standstill, disruption of the movement of goods or even border closures, the supply chain was at the heart of business concerns last year, and will continue … Read more